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Calling all Romeo Homies and Juggalette Juliettes, it's gameshow time! Who's up for The Gathering quiz show classic of clown-painted connection to warm your romantic-ish heart? It's The Neden Game! Now is your chance to put your mastery of mackin' it to the test against your fellow thirsty scrubbies for a chance to win a Gathering date with the mysterious stranger quizzing you to find out if you're whack or not! There will be one round each for both the Juggalos and the Juggalettes to play by answering questions put out by your potential date! Things have been known to get spicy like a plate of Manny's wings, so turn on the charm and prove you're the pimpest of all! Contestants should show up 30 minutes prior to the event if they wish to participate. Winners will get to go on a date backstage from 9pm to midnight Saturday night! GOTJ countdown T-minus 9 days!


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