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Shaggy the Airhead & Devereaux’s GOTJ Green Foam Alien Human Abduction Party

The Wicked Clowns From Outer Space have invaded, but their earthbound tactics are just one element of the takeover! You're now captured aboard the mothership, where the extraterrestrial beat blastin' heat masters Devereaux and Shaggy the Airhead have been tasked with performing outrageous experiments on your human senses! They're set to test the effect of beaming strong audio vibrations on the Juggalo body while immersing it in the foamy green regurgitation of a beast from beyond the stars! Keen-eyed ninjas might recognize the familiar E.T. homie filling up the dance floor with its frothy gut flora, but don't stare too long! Every now and then this hungry space creature will straight up devour a party goer to the delight of the alien overlords and Juggalos alike! HOLY SHIT! We're going off-world and off the rails at The Gathering of The Juggalos!

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