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We know from the down south Clown Towns that everything's bigger in Texas, but we suspect this artist just might be that whole idea personified! Big swagger, big ice, big trucks, big beats with big talent to match! We're talkin' Texas Big in human form! Holy shit Juggalos, it's Riff Raff! In the land where there's no end in sight to the lights glowing in the dark, we bring to the stage The Neon Icon! The man bold enough to take the distinct flavor of Texas rap and mix it up his way with high EDM and trap-style production to create colorful, bangin', absolute booty-shakin' dopeness! But don't let the flavor fool you Juggalos, the epicness at hand grew from roots of slangin' burnt CDs and mixtapes and Raff damn sure ain't scared to pick up a mic and rip a freestyle! There's nothing about that we don't like, and you can come get with it too at The Gathering of The Juggalos!

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