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It simply wouldn't be The Gathering of The Juggalos without our annual pageant to crown this year's Queen of the Underground! This contest is a far cry from your granny's Miss Wholesome USA Pageant, ours is a sensational celebration for the psycho vixens of The Dark Carnival! True to Juggalo form with all the face paint, wild antics, and extraordinary personalities of the contestants on full display! This iconic contest is comprised of 3 rounds: Personality, Talent & Swimsuit! We don't need no magic mirror, we leave it up to the Juggalos to decide who's the wickedest of them all! Think you have what it takes to wear the prestigious sash of Miss Juggalette? Show up early with your A-game and let's see what you got ninjette!

Prizes: 1st Place – GOTJ Gold Plaque, Backstage Pass, Rare GOTJ Amulet & $300 in cash; 2nd Place – Rare GOTJ Amulet & $200 Gift Certificate; and 3rd Place – Rare GOTJ Amulet & $100 gift certificate.

Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins and bring their own swimsuit (or comparable attire) with them. A private dressing area will be provided as well as any music needed for the talent round.

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