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This year's Gathering is packed to the brim with myths, legends, and monsters. Rarest among them is the artist who could claim the status as all three! Juggalos, let us bow our heads one time before nodding them in honor of one of the greatest to ever grace a microphone. We're talking about the godfather of flow himself: The one and only Rakim! A more-than-worthy edition to any stage, Rakim is as much an ecosystem in the art of rhyming as he is an influence! From crafting one half of the all-time classic "Paid in Full" with Eric B to etching an undeniable legacy in East Coast Hip-Hop and music in general, this pioneer cemented the legitimacy of from-pen-to-page-to-booth-to-stage style the same way Michelangelo carved figures in stone! That's how deep ingrained this man is in the art and culture of it! Juggalos, the Gathering theme might be horror this year, but that's not stopping the stage from being blessed when Rakim steps up for this rare performance!

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