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Kung Fu Vampire to Perform at GOTJ 2023!

A swarm of bats obscures the dusk sky in a flittering black cloud descending upon Legend Valley, which can only signify one thing: The long awaited return of Kung Fu Vampire to The Gathering of The Juggalos! From the moment he popped up making noise on the music scene, Juggalos recognized this independent artist and true original as one of their own with an energy embraced and reflected by the west coast icon himself! From kicking a Hip-Hop take on classic gothic romance with "Dead Sexy" to infusing his distinct rap style with the radical 80's nostalgia of "Come Dawn", Kung Fu Vampire defined his career by doing his own thing outside of mainstream musical trends, and that's a flex you have to respect! Now's your chance to see that philosophy of dopeness in action when Kung Fu Vampire hits the stage to rock with his people, the Juggalos, live and in effect at The Gathering!

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