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KRS-One, Fat Nick and Ho99o9 Performing at the Gathering of Dreams!

Juggalos, get schooled by a special 3 Ring Gathering of Dreams artist drop! This is a FIRST LOOK at some of the acts in store for you! First up we have the pride of Miami! The super dope, rotund trap head…mothafuckin' Fat Nick! Then, beating down the door like a vice raid are the certified agents of chaos: the punk-rock savages…Ho99o9! Finally, we're rolling out the red carpet for what could be thought of as the first in a series of legends who will be gracing the stage in accordance with the dreams of Juggalos far and wide: the teacher and hip-hop Godfather…KRS-ONE! HOLY SHIT! And this is just THE START of the flavor-packed performances in store for you! By the time it’s all unveiled, you'll have to double check you haven't died and went to Shangri-la! So, keep your peepers peeled, for even more devastating Gathering freshness comin soon!

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