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Get ready for electrified brutality on a scale seldom seen before, as JCW gladiators enter the steel cage to unleash beastation that will leave you mentally scarred long after the screams of agony have faded. Come witness the gargantuan giant Kongo Kong vs. the wrestling icon Eugene! Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher vs. Chuey Martinez & Moshpit Mike in a bloody Loser Leaves JCW match! The laugh till you die JCW Tag Team Champions The Brothers of Funstruction, will take on the legendary Motor City Machine Guns for a title match! This all then culminates to the main event taking place in an electrified cage, where you will witness a four-way dance of death amongst the top-rated independent wrestlers in the world, who will be competing for Vampiro’s World Champion Belt!!! Vampiro, who is retiring from the ring, will not only be there to hand over the belt himself, but he will be calling the action on the mic the entire way! So come pay homage and show love to one of the most iconic wrestlers of our time as you witness a powerful moment in wrestling history!


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