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Your wig is going to flip off your dome piece during ICP’s live streaming spectacle being shown during the entire month of April! If you subscribe, you will be able to watch 3 different live streaming shows a week (9pm to midnight) hosted by none other than the Insane Clown Posse! Along with the schedule of shows for April (presented below) is an incredibly special concert taking place on April 30th that is the 2nd official event of the Ultra Live Monster 5 Concert Series! Which means if you are a subscriber in April, you will also receive the 2nd of five Ultra Live Monster 5 coins (to learn more about the coins click HERE). But there is more! Subscribers will also receive Fearless Fred Fury: The Furious Edition CD set, featuring Fearless Fred Fury, Flip the Rat & A Time of Fury (an album containing rare ICP songs released during the FFF era). All CD’s will come in one case featuring a special FFF alternative cover provided by the masterful art of Tom Wood!

How Do I Subscribe? To subscribe to April’s Streamin Leaves Mugs Beamin for the entire month of April, go to and click on Subscribe. Then simply follow the instructions that will guide you through the steps. There is a one-time cost of $66.50 for the entire month-long subscription. If you are already a subscriber then you don’t have to do jack shit as your subscription will automatically renew at the start of April. Also, if you subscribe not only will you be able to watch all the new shows coming up in April, but you will also be able to watch all the past shows from October, December and February!

Can I Attend Any of These Shows in Person? Yes, although tickets are EXTREMELY limited. To find out what shows you can attend in person, check out the schedule of shows below. If you see “IN PERSON TICKETS AVAILABLE” below the title of a show, then you can purchase tickets. To do so, go to, where auctions will be held for the available tickets during the dates and times listed below. Keep in mind that all shows attended in person will be in or near Farmington Hills, MI. Information pertaining to all in-person shows will be sent out to auction winners shortly after the auction is finished.

Schedule of Shows

APR 3rd / Saturday


(IN PERSON TICKETS AVAILABLE / Ticket Auction runs MAR 20th at 9pm to MAR 21st at 9pm)

Broadcasting live from Violent J’s living room comes this hilarious talk show hosted by none other than ICP themselves, as they reveal and talk to a series of special guest stars who Juggalos have come to know and love. Who are these guests you ask? Well, you are going to have to tune in to find out as the surprises are half the fun! This has become one of the most requested Scrub Time Network shows ICP has ever done! If you have yet to watch an episode, make sure you peep this out to find out why!

APR 5th / Monday


Join ICP as they further explore their extensive music catalog, as they reveal their favorite songs from all the EP’s they have released throughout the years, starting with their earliest; Dog Beats and continuing in order with Beverly Kills 50187, A Carnival Christmas, Fuck Off, Terror Wheel and beyond! They will not only discuss the creative process behind each song but also their in-depth meaning.

APR 7th / Wednesday


Join the mad professors, ICP & Jumpsteady in their demented lab, as the conduct dangerous scientific experiments that will be visually stunning and explosive! Witness the miracles of science before your very eyes from the safety of your own home as volatile and powerful chemicals are combined for your wig flipping entertainment!

APR 10th / Saturday


(IN PERSON TICKETS AVAILABLE / Ticket Auction runs MAR 27th at 9pm to MAR 28th at 9pm)

Get ready for a bloody spectacle taking place within the Folsom Felony Funhouse Penitentiary! This event promises to showcase the most hard-core imprisoned wrestlers that JCW has to offer, as they battle it out within a steel cage using barbed wire bats, thumbtacks, flaming fists, stapleguns, foreign objects, glass and much more. With live commentary being provided by ICP, you will laugh until you cry, as your sanity slips away from witnessing all the blood-soaked brutality firsthand!

APR 12th / Monday


With the Doomsday Clock currently set at 100 seconds to midnight, scientists foreshadow that the world is the closest to destruction then it has ever been in recorded history. What better time for ICP & Jumpsteady to discuss the top 10 ways that humanity would most likely be wiped out! Being filmed in Psychopathic’ s secret underground fallout shelter, will ensure we will continue to broadcast even if the world does come to an end during the show.

APR 14th / Wednesday


(IN PERSON TICKETS AVAILABLE / Ticket Auction runs MAR 31st at 9pm to APR 1st at 9pm)

This dating game style show which has been popularized by being showcased at each Gathering, is a Juggalo tried and true favorite. Join your gameshow hosts ICP, as they help the bachelors and bachelorettes find a date from a selection of would-be suitors that they are not allowed to see. They are however encouraged to ask them a bunch of revealing, often R rated questions to make their decision easier. Then watch the winners struggle through their date as they enjoy dinner at Duck Mouth’s Ding-A-Wing House which only serves two types of chicken wings: hot or not.

Those wishing to compete and who can make it to Farmington Hills, MI on APR 14th please write to ASAP and leave your name and number and someone will contact you.

APR 16th / Friday


(IN PERSON TICKETS AVAILABLE / Ticket Auction runs APR 3rd at 9pm to APR 4th at 9pm)

Get ready for ultimate destruction done on a large scale! The indestructible gigantic wreaking ball known as Big Silva, who is made up of 100% duct tape, will go toe-to-toe with impressively large objects in this free fall championship to see who will come out on top! In each round, two will enter the arena of death but only one will leave! Half the show will be live, with the other half featuring prerecorded footage of more spectacular drops that were too dangerous to be filmed in front of a live crowd. We have also brought in a special high-speed camera so you can see the destructive replay in all its slow-motion glory!

Apr 19th / Monday


There are weird unexplained creatures and forces that have leaked into our world from other dimensions, spiritual realms, or even outer space. Some are forces that seem to be observing our world with cold calculating alien eyes while others are malevolent demons who sometimes feast on mortal flesh. Join the Bruce Brothers along with their somewhat skeptical cohost Shaggy, as they explore this depth of strange otherworldly phenomenon while sharing video evidence that will could make anyone a believer.

APR 21st / Wednesday


ICP along with their homie Ouija Macc will once again put their ninja skills to the test when they are put to the challenge as they try to survive two new Escape Rooms that are set up in an official Escape Room facility! Can they overcome all the puzzles, traps and obstacles and make it out of each room in an hour or less, or will they meet a grizzly fate? Help them if you can, because they will be asking the online Juggalo audience for help during this difficult challenge.

APR 24th / Saturday


(IN PERSON TICKETS AVAILABLE / Ticket Auction runs APR 10th at 9pm to APR 11th at 9pm)

There is no other Juggalo competition more prestigious or anticipated then the Miss Juggalette Pageant that has been a Gathering tradition for the past 20 years. It is here that we get to pay homage to the beauty, intelligence, and charm of all our wonderful Juggalettes. Sit alongside ICP & Ouija Macc as they judge the three rounds of competition (Personality, Talent and Swimsuit) to present the top 3 winners (who will all win 2 tickets to the concert on the 30th). At which point the viewers at home will get to vote to determine the 1st place winner who will also receive the coveted Gold Plaque, $300 and the esteemed title of Miss Juggalette 2021!

Those wishing to compete and who can make it to Farmington Hills, MI on APR 24th please write to ASAP and leave your name and number and someone will contact you. Every contestant will be allowed to bring one person with them.

APR 26th / Monday


Back by popular demand, ICP & Jumpsteady will be shown a plethora of random, never-before-seen photos taken from the Psychopathic vaults, so they may discuss the story behind each one. This is a rare opportunity to get insight into the behind-the-scenes flavor that took place throughout ICP’s entire career. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

APR 30th / Friday


This is the 2nd official event of the Ultra Live Monster 5 concert series!

(IN PERSON TICKETS AVAILABLE / Ticket Auction runs APR 17th at 9pm to APR 18th at 9pm)

Are you ready to return to Severed Limb High School for the 25th anniversary of the Prom Night Massacre show!?! This iconic concert is considered by many to be the greatest show ICP has ever performed! Come dressed in your best for this epic reunion that promises to be a bloody spectacle that few will ever escape from! Will you be voted for this year’s headless Prom King or Queen? A massacre on this scale may not happen again for another 25 years, so make sure you don’t miss this historic event! Also, this concert is the 2nd Official event of the Ultra Live Monster 5 concert series which means if you are a subscriber in April you will also receive the 2nd of five Ultra Live Monster 5 coins!

Go to to subscribe!

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