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ICP Network Gets a Big Upgrade!

Whut up Juggalos! Hope your holiday season has been a good one! As you probably know, ICP Network has recently debuted on Twitch, featuring numerous variety shows hosted by the Insane Clown Posse. Seeing that this new platform is free to watch, our viewership has successfully increased exponentially. We at Psychopathic Records have been hard at work producing these shows so that we can continue to drop dope flavor on your dome piece of the highest quality possible. Thus, we have decided to move the filming of these shows into an actual professional studio, which will allow us more creative control over the content, allowing for a bigger and better production. To properly make this transition we have decided to postpone our current lineup of shows for a few weeks. Unfortunately, this also means you will not be able to watch ICP’s The Greatest New Year’s Eve Show on Earth online (though you will still be able to see it live in person, while tickets last at

With the relaunch of ICP Network our shows will also start to run each and every week…all year long! This means you will be able to peep out more shows with a bigger and better production! We love producing this dope content because it allows our entire family to come together a few times each week no matter where they are in the world. We look forward to sharing everything we currently have in the works, because we are sure it’s going to peel wigs back! So, until then, stay posted as the new lineup of shows will be dropping soon!

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