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GOTJ’s Juggalo Flea Market, Podcast Super Show, & Street Team Taco Fiesta Party!!!

For Juggalos By Juggalos ain't a by-line bitch, it's a lifestyle and one we celebrate to the fullest! This is a three-hour event celebrating the Dark Carnival community in all of its DIY dopeness! We're expanding on last year's Podcast Super Show, where all of the content creators from all four corners of the interwebs are merging in one spot for an epic broadcast by adding two extra tiers of flavor! Those enjoying the podcast event will also be able to check out the Juggalo Flea Market and peruse a variety of unique items for sale courtesy of talented unsung creative sellers from all over the country! But that's not all! While ALL this devastation is at hand, The Psychopathic Street Team will be hard at work serving hot plates of that good ish! That's right, the Psychopathic Soldiers will be slangin' tacos for hungry bellies to enjoy along with all this other cool shit! We got The Family in full effect and showing their best at The Gathering of The Juggalos! If you're interested in running one of the many tables at the Juggalo flea market, show up at 11am Thursday morning with a minimum of 20 items to sell (no bootlegs). You will then be assigned a table by GOTJ staff. There is no fee for the table, and no cut of your sales!

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