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GOTJ Artist Spotlight: Whitney Peyton!

Calling Whitney Peyton an "indie darling" might just get you rocked in your nugget fam! This Philly girl is nothing less than a powerhouse, with mad years worth of skin in the game! Having toured with the likes of RA The Rugged Man, Kottonmouth Kings, and JellyRoll she quickly proved her Firecracker energy was enough to break any industry barrier! And speaking of energy, she's gearing up for the release of her latest project, "Side Effects", by coming out to rock with the Juggalos! Gathering vets know her live show is a caffeine-fueled fever dream somewhere between a funhouse and a psyche ward, which suits the atmosphere of this party just fine! Let's give a whoop whoop and a woopty woo woo one time for Whitney Peyton!

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