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It remains an open secret that beneath the dry Nevada desert lie hidden bases where shadowy military and intelligence forces house things not of this world. Only a single creature commanding knowledge over The Four Elements has ever managed to refuse containment inside one such subterranean hive of steel. Is he extraterrestrial? Interdimensional? Though his origin is unclear, he announces his species proudly with one word: Juggalo! That's right, Ouija Macc returns to The Gathering of The Juggalos! Fresh from planting his Chapter 17 flag across the pond on his firestorm UK tour, Ouija Macc is set to shake Main Stage once again like a dog with an attitude problem! Scroll Keepers and Wasteland Warriors already know he channels Dark Carnival magic like a shaman with every Gathering performance, and if you ain't familiar, come see the dopeness for yourself to experience EXACTLY what we're talking about! GOTJ countdown T-minus 13 days!

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