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Over the next few weeks get ready to have your dome piece rocketed into the stratosphere as we start to roll out all the contests, sideshows, performers, parties, wrestling events and so much more instore for you at the Gathering this year!

Starting with Mike E. Clarks Out of This Atmosphere After Party!

Rumor has it the OG mad scientist Mike E. Clark has been in clandestine collaborative contact with The Wicked Clowns From Outer Space for decades, so they've called upon their greatest Earthling conspirator to celebrate a successful invasion in epic Psychopathic intergalactic fashion! In the wake of all the outer space insanity that has descended upon this year's Gathering, the planet is forever changed, and all that's left to do is party! All Juggalos are invited to rejoice in the world remade by getting down to their favorite Dark Carnival classics, chopped, remixed and reassimilated by the master of the murder mix himself, Mike Clark! His legendary mash-ups flip familiar tunes you know and love to become brand new boogies that are a different animal entirely like an alien shape-shifter! We're taking it out the atmosphere for this final event, but like Mike himself we don't stop, we just turn it all around Gathering-style, baby!

So, get your tickets now so you too can join us for this intergalactic event!

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