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Bloodymania 15: Rage in a Cage Electrified Fury!

Live from The Gathering of Dreams: JCW is redefining the term "wrestling circuit" by running 20,000 Volts of whoop-ass right through your supple eyeballs at Bloodymania 15! Call us Dr. Frankenstein bitch, because this year we're shocking into effect a showcase of talent stitched together from every era in the hellified history of hardcore sports entertainment! We're talking electrifying displays of brain-zapping brutality from legends you know and love as well as rising stars that bring a a shot of fresh blood to the game! It's a Direct Current of non-stop action, all leading to the livewire Main Event confined inside a steel cage! So spark a blunt and watch the sparks fly at The Gathering's legendary, Bloody-fuckin-mania!

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Oct 18, 2022

JuggaloJenius - Magic

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