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A Letter from VJ to Project Born...

Nitty man I hope this comes out right man. Sittin here holding you're book- and I do feel awkward saying this to a ninja and to ninjas that have been in the game as long I have. I don't really know if I even have a right to say this, but I'm going to because it make me feel good inside by doing so, but man here it goes. Holding this book, "Forever In The Jects- The True Tell All Story Of Project Born" in my hands makes me feel incredibly

fuckin' proud of you Frank Nitty, of Lil' Polk

& of Half Pint. Extreamly fuckin' proud to say the least. Over emotionally extreamly fuckin' proud bro! As much and as deep as my love for Polk and Pint goes which is deeper than the abyss under the abyss, I must say that I'm proud of you the most Nitty. I really am sincerely proud of you the most Nitty and here's why. Anybody out there who don't fully recognize and know the following Lil' tid bit of trivial knowledge needs to fuckin' fully reckognise and absolutely know this as the fuckin incredibly respectable fact that it is... Mr. Frank motha fuckin' Nitty is the motha fuckin' integral heartbeat of PJB. As time unwinds itself across decades now and continues to spell out Project Born's empeccable legacy

from it's earlyest day one conception back in 1993 on to its current unfukwitable Beastly form weather it be Nitty & Pint serving as the origional debuting Dark Dio... or it be Nitty & Polk... serving as the infamous Twins of Terror stepping through mirriors... or weather it be PJB's full conception of Nitty, Polk & Pint, all 3 punishing together as The Triplex Hex... Here's To Flex & Sever Necks.. The one factual fact to the matter of motha fuckin' fact that is infact a mother fuckin' fat ass FACT... that you already know you can always count on, is the rise of phoenix himself Mr. Mr. Frank Mother Fuckin' Nitty to and forever & always be, balls deep up in the mother fuckin' mix as the central, centerpiece... to always be the dare I say "CINTEGRAL" soul.. that BEATS... the CINTEGRAL soul that DRUMS... the CINTEGRAL soul that perhaps I should rather say POUNDS the very, very strong heart securely positioned deeply within the titanium like rib cage, reinforced within the incredibly and impeccablypowerful Mountain Silverback Gorilla sized chest of the mighty mighty Goliath that has become of today's current PROJECT FUCKIN' BORN!!! EMENCLY RESPECTED AND GLOBALLY IDOLIZD as KINGs of the UNDERGROUND JUNGLE... the Enormas Creature... the Monterey's Beast that Project Born has since evolved itself into byway of the truly astonishinglegacy speading from its earlyest roots within the Bayside in deeply poversed Flint, Michigan, on out ever winding, spawning and spreading out via trails and paths eventually spider webbing and mapping and conquering every direction across and throughout the fathest reaches of each and every acre that this the planet's entire underground! All of it, every single square inch there is to the underground as we know it today, has since been explored conquered and is now owned opperated, infected, affected and

Inflicted by the musical stylings and the grand influence of the underground Gods that Project Born' own emence, and ever spawing legacy has rendered and solidified them as today. Today's Project Born knows no restrictions or boundaries for they've simply solidified themselves as the undergrounds realistate profiteers. They have since transformed the global underground into its very own turf, it's personal stomping grounds, quite frankly because there tireless history leaves no square inch unstomped on repeatedly until it's very soil bleeds the PJB logo with its own every molecule'a DNA. Today's entire underground scene lies stomped on hard proudly formulatingit's rulers iconic foot prints proud as can be to be nothing more than the dirt under its owners iconic boot print. As true greats among the greats, today PJB knows no limits. They abide to no boundaries. Simply a product of there own globally conquering, epic and atomic, spider webbing, legacy which began right behind the groups now historical conceptions with the release of the Demonically Bionic single "Loosin It" Featuring Esham which knocked so hard it left cracks webbed all throughout the fuckin pavement of each and every freeway, street and alley way that connects Flintown to Detroit (most of which is still there) Since the very red mooned night that single dropped at midnight until this very mother moment in time, Project fuckin' Born has steady remained a dominate, unwavering continusly accomplishing and conquering unfuckwithable FORCE with machine like percision. Project mother fuckin' Born's own imaculate, damn near unmeasurable past see's them spearheading fearlessly into, across and straight through unknown realms, countlessly C u.... leaveing behind a seemingly never ending line of fallen adversaries that which trails off just beyond the human eyeball's reach. To watch Project Born's history unravel is like watching the absolute creation of a super naturally indistructable object in reverse!Behind them


acculites earned with

known way of meauring that which is truly unmeasurable.

The PJB entity stayed continually earning as the months soon turned into years and the years soon turned into


As if I've got a Hubble telescope aboard a mass sattalite which sits a trillion kazillion miles above the gargantuan structure that is Project Born's true current legacy... Picture me, actually, rather foolishly attempting to use the Hubble telliscope to hopfully watch from Zillions of miles above to hopefully

contemplate the entire wide spread span that is Project Born's complete current day legacy.... Failure. Time and time again falure. Time and time again I find myself stunned into a confused stuper by such an outrageous attempt. Eyes crossed, drooling from the left side of mouth, my drawers on backwards and

inside out for some reason and on the outside of my pants. This is how I repeatedly

find myself when I finally

snap back into reality 3 weeks after each ignorant attempt. It's just not fuckin' possible! It's that fuckin' simple! IT'S JUST NOT!!!

So Mr. Mr. Frank Nitty I am stunned fuckin' beyond all belief continuallyas well as

immeasurably fuckin' stupid, proud of you Sir.!!!! As I am as well of you Mr. Lil' Polk Sir!!! And also of course as well as I am of you Mr. motha fuckin' Half Pint Sir!! As I am respectively of all 3 of you impeccably tallented powerhouse ninjas who collectively serve as the God Like Uber, and Ultra Mother Fuckin' Skilled Bonafied Talented SUPER DOOPER STAR MC's that which comprises the compleate super stellar line up of Straight out the fuckin Jects themselves PROJECT MOTHA FUCKIN' BORN!!! And Mr. Mr. Frank fuckin Nitty sir, that one day many full moons ago up at St. Andrew's Hall probably 6 or 7 or even 8 years ago, when you and I was choppin' it up and you were explaining to me that due to the birth of your children and the emence Job required to be the proper super dad you desire to be for them, you've recently decided that you'll probably be hangin' the microphone up for good at some point in the very near future... As much as I was forced to respect the dialog you were speaking exclusively into

the ear hole that rests on the far right side of my painted face, because even at that point back then PJB had already solidified yourselves as emencly iconic simply

by already out lasting

90 percent of the acts and groups consitered to be your competition- even at that stage years ago, and by doing so yall had already reached an IRRMEASURABLE status in the game... and of course I was totally hip and fully aware of the monsterously FRUITFULLY LEVEL OF RESPECT your name personally carried and no doubt so greatly



as founding

member of the iconic and truly legendary PROJECT MOTHA FUCKIN' BORN... at the very same time son, I couldn't and wouldn't except the information you were attempting to get my brain to download and process. Yet I CONTINUOUSLY REFUSED TO DO S0! Why? Because I simply also knew on a deep personal level, the actual man behind the rap star! I knew the real you!!! And more importantly I understood all that your actually capable of!!! I knew the real you then Frank Nitty, no differently than I know the real you now! You see, I knew back then what was so oblivious only to you- the source himself...

I knew that your love for your kids was so grand and it towered so high before you... that at that time, you couldnt help but underestimate your own strength and capabilities! It's actually a very common mistake made by great loving fathers when face

to face with there own love for there kids! It's a natural, first responce to throw your own wants and needs away when facing this new gargantuan love for your offspring. And that's actually a rather unfortunate common mistake, that only becomes unfortunate if they actually do give up on there own desires. Because the truth is... The greatest of great fathers know that being a great dad is actually only

half the example! The other half of the job and equally as important is showing your kids by way of example that anything really is fuckin' possible!

And the only way you can do that is by being there for your kids every step of the way and also leading by way of example and showing your kids they can do

anything they want in life through hard work and dedication! Being a super dad ain't about giving up your own dreams and passions- it's about schooling them BOTH! While at the same time instilling in your kids the importance of being a great parent and following any dreams they may have in life. Even though you had already achieved noteriaty as one of the greatest to ever do it in Michigan rap, the fact is I also personally knew the man behind the mic- therefor I already knew back then that you wouldn't be hangin up any mics. Dispite what ever

you were tryna say, I knew two real you and therefor I knew the only thing you'd actually be hangin up would be any thoughts of quittin' the mic!! I knew PJB's true status wouldnt just be one of the greatest... I knew it would eventually be that of one of the greatest- of the mother fuckin' greatest!!!

I knew you had it in you to be the best dad you could be plus one of the greatest of the greats and I wasn't tryna hear anything less about my homie, not even from my homie. End of story!!!! Even when tin didn't know you had it in you... your true homies did! l knew that you possesed all the will, the drive, the grit and the mother fuckin endless depths of talent to see Project Born one day rest as one of Flint Mi and one of the whole world's absolute greatest undergrounds Top Fuckin Most Iconic & Legendary acts of all mother fuckin time and fuck anybodys mama in the ass with a chain saw who don't like it!

I guess the best possible way for me to summerize all that I wanted to say to my family Project Born on this grand day... the very day of the release of Project Born's v facinating auto biography "FOREVER IN THE JECTS"... the best way I can truly some up this enormas book sized letter sent and ment by me to congratulate you ninjas on this grand day that your book drops and attempts to tell the immaculate legacy of Project Born which clearly is a legend so fuckin' large that it practically spans the farthest reaches of time and chance- now that's a legend! And I just know this book I hold is gonna tell the tail correctly and properly give your legacy it's true due proper justice. So I say congrats... cograts, congrats away to PROJECT BORN!

It's been a magnificent ride to have known you guys from your very first year in the game: 1993, right on up until present motha fuckin day... to have so fuckin deeply enjoyed my ringside seat watching your legacy live itself C out has been nothing short of one of the grandest greatest specticals I have truly ever known in my life. From having signed you guys as the very first act ever signed by our label Psychopathic Records to having sharred the houndreds of stages that we have has been

such an epic experience I'd trade it with nothing. Having sat here front fuckin row has been like watching your legitimate and legendary growth from day 1 to day 9 billion 28 throughout its entire 28 year span has been like flipping through a life sized 3D pop up book while totally brain fried out high on 57 tabs of acid and I can only hope is exactally the same for the readers of this epic masterpiece of a book and I have a strong feeling that it's going to be exactally that and can only hope I'm right!

Having watched so many thousands of acts come and go over the past 3 decades yet to always be able to

look just North of us across the galexy and see our alies, our fuckin partners, our rode dogs weather any and all storms and yet somehow always emerge looking even stronger and bigger than before has been abso fuckin truthfully awinspiring. Project Born from where we sit are amongst the fuckin greatest to ever ever attempt doing this shit. You mother fuckers have stayed loyal friends of ours from the very moment we met and you've never ever even accedentally let us down. We love you guys for ever and always. From day one you've remained indistructable pillars as represenitives of "real ones in our eyes. Incredibly you've never shown any weakness. We absolutely cherish our friendship as well as your truly

priceless undying loyalty.

To all Juggalos from the bottem of my heart I absolutely without a moments thought or an ounce of hesitation... I whole heartedly recomend to each and everyone of you... that right now if you can, you ninjas should go to or and pick up "The Project Born AutoBiography "Forever In the Jects" and take in the deepest, fattest possible hit you can of authentic, potent as can fuckin be, grade A1 Yola laced Psychopathic Records and Detroit / Flintown Wicked Shit History Possible by feasting your eyeball retnas apon every word within this book in its proper order.

And just know this.. In my truest heart of hearts... always know that I one million percent feel Project Born belongs in The Hall Of Famers mother fuckin Hall of Fame! Project Born absolutely posseses all the incredibly rare ingredients to retire as one of the most legendary and Iconic of the entire game's most legendary and Iconic!!!

And yet again, please... forever and always know that I'm fuckin incredibly, positively proud to call the fellas of Project Born our ride or die partners, truly great and personal fuckin' best of friendship fuckin' friends.. and our brothers from another wicked mother fucker's mother! You mothaaaaaaaaaaa Fuuuuuuuckaaaaaaaassss!!!!

I'll forever have the deepest possible admiration and I hold the largest known type of respect for and I gladly in my big ass heart I have the grandest clown love for

Frank "motha fuckin'"

Nitty.... Lil' Polk and Half Pint!!!! Clown fuckin' Luv & Lotaly and foeva firm family

Love placed forever in time as well as plus another always after that!!!!

Whoop whoop!

The Duke of the Wicked Himself! Yours truffully. The Dead Body Man,

Ya book came out and got me so geeked that I had ya write my own damn gbook to you ninjas about it!!

Wicked Clown Jugga Luggin' Fuck some thuggin, we stay scrubbin' Ass, Lo Motha Fuckin' Loooovve!!Hoe!

Know Dat Byyaattch!

Skwoh! Whooooooooo!

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