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Guess who's coming to ya big town.........


Shaggy TourSMALL

ICP will be traveling all across the country on 2 separate solo tours! If that wasn't enough freshness for your cranium to handle, we are bringing Esham and Ouija Macc to help us make sure every show leaves Juggalos eyelids peeled so far back that they can see 17 days into the future!


20th Anniversary of PARA LA ISLA from Myzery

Hell's Cellar

Digging deep into the archives of lost and forgotten file, Dat's, Cd's and Zip drives Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, the dynamic duo known as ICP, have unearthed forgotten tracks from the 6th Jokers card era.  A limited edition pressing both on CD and Vinyl, this rarity contains nine unreleased tracks. Available digitally, on CD and a 180 gram vinyl limited to 665 copies.  Grab a copy today at

Christmas At Our House!!! 2nd ADDED!!!


Ho Ho Hold on to your naughty nut bags and your warm fuzzy nedens Loes and Letts, cause it’s time once again for that fat crack head Kris Kringle to get shit crackalackin’! But as usual that big red bitch won’t be bringin’ you naughty ninjas shit! So what! You don’t need him when you’ve got your other red friend the Holiday Hatchet Man hookin you hoes up! And we don’t give a fuck how naughty you ninjas been! Psychopathic Records has been naughty too and what better way is there to celebrate our nasty ways than by tippin back and token up at our annual naughty ninja bash? Of course we could only be talkin about the legendary and infamous Big Ballas Christmas Party. And since our infamous party has currently been banned by every venue in the country, this year’s blowout is taking place at the Hatchet Man’s house! Yes your bloodshot eyeballs read that right! This year’s Big Ballers XMas Party is jumpin off the Psychopathic Records Headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan December 21nd. Let us put it to you this way... Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records proudly present to you CHRISTMAS AT OUR HOUSE!!!!
Not only will ICP be performing live at this party that’s taking place exclusively at our own warehouse, but they’ll also be performing in a way you've never seen them perform before. Not even they themselves have seen them perform like this before! Only those in attendance at our house will get to hear and witness for the very first time ever.... INSANE CLOWN POSSE perform a full set of classics UNPLUGGED with STORIES!
Not only will they be performing stripped down acoustic versions of there most famous jams but also in between songs they'll be telling never before heard stories! This is truly something special, ICP like never before. Oh and did I mention no phones or cameras will be allowed in the building? That's right you sneaky bastards, don’t think you’ll be staying home and enjoying the show on YouTube like you usually do because that shit won’t be happening. You’ll absolutely have to be here to enjoy all the freshness. Fuck sitting at home and watching it on YouTube anyway. Come to this year’s Big Ballas "Christmas At Our House" and be the envy of all your lame friends.
The freshness doesn't stop there either... Everyone that walks through the door will receive an EXCLUSIVE gift you wont find anywhere else. I'm not talking about some random left over crap we've got laying around the warehouse either, we've got something super fresh in the works that will definitely become an instant sought after collectors piece. Also stuff your fat little chimp monk cheeks with free Holiday Cookies and Faygo and take a tour of the entire Psychopathic Records Headquarters including the warehouse, offices and even the Lotus Pod Studio! Have you ever wanted to see the Wall of Karma with your very own eyes? Maybe you're even on that bitch? What about the infamous costume room filled to the ceiling with mad flavor from through the past 30 years. Maybe you want to take a seat in the Psychopathic TV room and imagine you're being interview by Psychopathic Legends Jumpsteady or the Rude Boy? And let's not forget the Mutha Fuckin Lotus Pod Studio.... As you walk into the room you can instantly feel the karma in the air from over 17 years of endless ICP and Psychopathic Records classics. You can now finally see with your very own eyes where the magic of the Dark Carnival happens!!!
Tickets for this years Big Ballas "Christmas At Our House" will be EXTREMELY limited and will cost $150. Now that might seem like a pretty penny so let's recap on everything you get... First and foremost, you get to see ICP perform in a way you've never seen before, UNPLUGGED! Never Before Heard Stories from ICP about each song as they're performing! An Exclusive Gift you wont get ANYWHERE else! Free Cookies and Faygo! A Tour of the Whole Building and Lotus Pod studio. All of this can be yours this December 21nd only at Christmas At Our House!!!
Tickets for the 2nd day of CHRISTMAS AT OUR HOUSE are on sale now!!

New Release Date For Fearless Fred Fury!!!


FITEBACK! 665! Fearless Fred Fury arises from the billowing smoke of toxic horrors untold, wielding a power punch straight to your fucking earholes!!! The dawn of a new era is upon us as the Fourth Jokers Card of the second hand echoes his mighty call to the Juggalo Nation--FITEBAAAACK! The omnipotent Dark Carnival has spoken. And new dates for the emergence of the entity known only as Fearless Fred Fury have been recast and revealed to us mere mortals in the billowing pillars of smoke amid rage unfurled! 
The time has come! Fearless Fred Fury preorders will now be available on November 23rd--Record Store Day!!! Then FFF deals a furious one-two punch: The first single AND the tracklist also drop on November 23rd!!!! Album release date? Oh, get ready to get your teeth knocked back into your fucking brainstem: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH--JUGGALO WEEKEND!!! FFF emerges and commands the attention of the Juggalo Family for a weekend of sheer madness as complete havoc reigns down upon the unsuspecting! 
Want another punch to your fucking skull?Well check this shit out! Only those who pick up FFF in it's physical form will get the opportunity to purchase the exclusive Flip The Rat EP, available NOWHERE FUCKING ELSE!!! You must send in your FFF proof of purchase with your payment to receive the EXCLUSIVE Flip The Rat EP.
Bombs have been dropped, so scoop your wig up and get ready to feel the fury of FFF's fist...November 23rd: FFF Preorders! February 15th: The FFF Album Drops, with the exclusive Flip The Rat EP! You never heard no shit like what ICP is about to unleash on the world. Fucking madness! New videos! New Juggalo anthems! New FURY! 665! FITEBAAAACK! Who will survive in the dawn of the new era as chaos is unleashed unto our world???


Imagine planning and launching the most insane music festival of all time, from your own phone... You layout the grounds, book the bands, and experience the simulation of everything that goes into making The Gathering Of The Juggalos INCREDIBLE!!!!

If you have what it takes, you can make it to the TOP of the leaderboards!!! and get that #1 spot!!!




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The "Juggalo Love" Psypher

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