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Juggalo Weekend USA Completely Revamped

The Insane Clown Posse has completely taken over Juggalo Weekend USA with a BRAND NEW line up complete with 2 Incredible Never Before Seen Shows.

Night 1, ICP's Triple X Love Fest, featuring Tunnel of Love as well as all their other classic wicked clown love songs.

Night 2, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers Show, featuring the mighty 5th jokers card in it's entirety.

Each night will also feature the likes of Psychopathic Records own, Lyte, Blahzay Roze, Big Hoodoo, DJ Clay, & Anybody Killa. As well as JCW, Sewerside, Stiches, & Kottonmouth Kings.


The Psychopathic Family presents the 2017 Infomercial!

In the Juggalo world, the number 17 is held sacred for a variety of mysterious reasons. To celebrate 2017--the Year of the Juggalo--the entire Psychopathic Records roster has a very special message for the world:

Juggalos Against Sanity to be Released at DCG Con on 4/21!

Breaking news: The ultimate Juggalo party game Juggalos Against Sanity will be officially released at the upcoming Dark Carnival Games convention, being held at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, Michigan from April 21-23. Is Now Live!

The official website for the upcoming Juggalo March on Washington, D.C. is now live at ! This site provides all the information about the planned demonstration to stand up against the FBI's 2011 labelling of Juggalos as a "hybrid gang," which has led to thousands of Juggalos nationwide being profiled by law enforcement, denied entry into the military, lost custody of children, and being listed in gang databases simply for wearing Juggalo-related clothing or tattoos. The march goes down on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at noon at the National Mall. Be there!

ICP's Short Solo SideShow Spectacular Tour

1 Band. 2 Entirely Seperate Solo Tours happening simultaneously. For the first time in history the Dark Canival is dividing it's wicked caravan of odd ball freaks as Violent J goes one way, and Shaggy 2 Dope goes the other. Playing the same venues just days apart from one another for a very short and intimate display of Wicked Clown Flavor. Offering a rare peek into ICP's Short Solo SideShow Spectacular. In the wake of this remarkable tour.... Violent J and Shaggy 2 dope will come back home to Detoit and the Insane Clown Posse will rise again.



Psychopathic Records Announces Juggalo Weekend Canada

ICP is hosting it's first annual Canadian Juggalo Weekend on April 7 - 8 at the Stampede Corral in Calgary, Alberta. Tickets are on sale Now! For full details, visit the dope website !




Psychopathic Records welcomes Lyte to the family!

With the launch of the Year of the Juggalo, we are proud to announce that our homie Lyte (formerly known as Young Lyte) is now an official member of the Psychopathic roster! Already well known in the Juggalo world for his fierce lyrical and rhyming skills, Lyte will be dropping his debut album on Psychopathic Records within the next few months, bringing a whole new level of flavor to the Hatchet! Welcome to the family, Lyte!

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