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The Clownvis Pitch Black Flashlight & Glowstick Blastoff Party at GOTJ 2023!

Buckle up and prepare for blastoff because we're going deep space with it, courtesy of the consummate circus crooner, Clownvis! Five minutes with this guy is enough to know he's not from this planet, so who better to host a throw down that captures the vibe of an entire galaxy? We're talking a party staged in full darkness as the music bumps, save for the cosmic phenomenon of glowsticks illuminating the mysterious figures dancing like ort clouds across the solar system! Be sure to pack your flashlight, strobe bracelets and any fresh lighting effects to bring your own Juggalo starlight shine to the proceedings! In space nobody can hear you scream, but fuck that, we came to see you rage!

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Dakota Kubbernus
Dakota Kubbernus

Are you guys ever going to come to Canada in the future?

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