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New Release Date For Fearless Fred Fury!!!

FITEBACK! 665! Fearless Fred Fury arises from the billowing smoke of toxic horrors untold, wielding a power punch straight to your fucking earholes!!! The dawn of a new era is upon us as the Fourth Jokers Card of the second hand echoes his mighty call to the Juggalo Nation--FITEBAAAACK! The omnipotent Dark Carnival has spoken. And new dates for the emergence of the entity known only as Fearless Fred Fury have been recast and revealed to us mere mortals in the billowing pillars of smoke amid rage unfurled! 

The time has come! Fearless Fred Fury preorders will now be available on November 23rd--Record Store Day!!! Then FFF deals a furious one-two punch: The first single AND the tracklist also drop on November 23rd!!!! Album release date? Oh, get ready to get your teeth knocked back into your fucking brainstem: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH--JUGGALO WEEKEND!!! FFF emerges and commands the attention of the Juggalo Family for a weekend of sheer madness as complete havoc reigns down upon the unsuspecting! 

Want another punch to your fucking skull?Well check this shit out! Only those who pick up FFF in it's physical form will get the opportunity to purchase the exclusive Flip The Rat EP, available NOWHERE FUCKING ELSE!!! You must send in your FFF proof of purchase with your payment to receive the EXCLUSIVE Flip The Rat EP.

Bombs have been dropped, so scoop your wig up and get ready to feel the fury of FFF's fist...November 23rd: FFF Preorders! February 15th: The FFF Album Drops, with the exclusive Flip The Rat EP! You never heard no shit like what ICP is about to unleash on the world. Fucking madness! New videos! New Juggalo anthems! New FURY! 665! FITEBAAAACK! Who will survive in the dawn of the new era as chaos is unleashed unto our world???

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