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Meet Dave!

When my sister told me Dave's story, I was reminded what this community is all about. He didn't know about ICP, he didn't follow this scene, but he said that Juggalos always showed him so much love, and even in times when others didn't, they always had his back. He had always looked at The Gathering as a place to meet more of us, a place to have fun, and to really be apart of this wild underground world.

Not knowing her at the time, he was openly talking out loud about how it was his dream and that this year looked like like it was going to be a really great time (Spoiler Alert: it is.) So when she informed me about all of this, we knew we had to do something. Something SOOPA!

With the help of his friends and family, I got to meet him today and we were able to surprise him with a ticket to The Soopa Gathering of the Juggalos!

When my team at Psychopathic heard the story and how he also was looking forward to the wrestling, they took it a step further! We hooked Dave up with some JCW swag, as well as some shirts, and albums to make sure is ready to Gather!

He isn't going because of the devastating line-up, or all the fresh events, but to meet more Juggalos, and to see what we are really about! So when you see Dave, hit him with a Whoop Whoop, and do what I know you already will do and show him much clown luv!

-Kegan The Creep

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