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If you rock a Hatchet and always wanted to chop it up with the Insane Clown Posse, we've got some news for you ninja! ICP's VIP Experience is live and going down like a Roswell UFO as part of The Gathering bonus package! That means you, one-on-one, face to painted face with The Duke of The Wicked and The Southwest Strangla in a VIP-only tent! You got something you want signed by the ICP? How about a dope photo-op? Maybe you wanna share your personal alien abduction story with The Wicked Clowns From Outer Space themselves? Well now's your chance! VIPs also get strapped with some bonus flavor including the following collectable items:

• VIP Experience Laminated Pass

• ICP Alien Paint Amulet

• Hatchetman Flash Drive with the “Alien Examination” ICP Network episode

• GOTJ 2023 Logo 6” Magnet

So, check out and grab your ticket while you still can! GOTJ countdown T-minus 14 days!

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