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March 14th, 2014 Psychopathic Records

Boondox Emerges From The Crops With “Abaddon!”

Just when you thought it was safe to wade through the cornfield once more…he’s back. And more wicked than ever! After a four-year hiatus, the Wicked Scarecrow himself Boondox is once more running with the Hatchet! On Tuesday, May 13, the blood soaked new album “Abaddon” will be dropping on CD and all major digital music stores.

BoondoxHere's the first thing you need to know about "Abaddon," Juggalos. This album may be one of the scariest albums ever released on Psychopathic. It's not just gory horrorcore—though there's plenty of that—there's something genuinely unsettling about this record. How scary? Put it this way--a bunch of us were bumping it at the office late one night and all of us were genuinely creeped out, like we were being watched or something. You know that spooky ass feeling when you feel a shockwave shoot down your spine? Yeah, it was just like that. But it was fucking DOPE!

Release Date

Boondox - "Abaddon"

On Sale 5-13-14

So “Abaddon” is definitely not for the faint of heart or for those prone to nightmares. This is like a haunted house movie set to music—you’re going to be scared and who might even jump a little bit at some of the surprises contained within this album.

For us, we’re just happier than a serial killer in a slaughterhouse at the fact that Boondox is back and ready to drop more wicked flavor upon the Juggalo family. So circle the date of TUESDAY, MAY 13! Because on that day…”Abaddon” gets unleashed upon the world!

In the meantime, join Boondox’ official Facebook and be sure and follow him on Twitter.

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Whaddup, my ninjas?

Hey hey hey, Juggalos! This is J-Webb with your latest Hatchet Herald…and we got some fresh and important news to report! NEW album releases! NEW merch! So without further adieu, let’s just get the fuck to it, shall we?


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New Wicked Gear

Dope T-shirt, Doper Cause!

The Aaron Spencer Benefit Show on Saturday, March 15, 2014 in Dayton, Ohio will go down in Psychopathic history as one of the most special one-off concerts ICP has ever performed. Even though this intimate concert is now sold out, you can still help honor the memory and help the family of the late Aaron Spencer...and own what is certain to be one of the RAREST T-shirts ever produced by Psychopathic.

This Hatchet Gear exclusive shirt commemorates the life of Aaron Spencer AND ALL PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS HELPING AARON'S FAMILY WITH MEDICAL AND FUNERAL COSTS. These shirts are only available while supplies last and once they're gone....they're gone! So help remember our fallen Juggalo comrade Aaron Spencer...and own a rare piece of merch that's certain to become a collector's item! GET 'EM WHILE THEY LAST, NINJAS!

Order Today

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And for those of you attending the Aaron Spencer Benefit Show, be sure and grab your “I Was There Because I Care” commemorative shirt at the concert. Just like the Hatchet Gear shirt, all proceeds go directly to the Spencer family!

Axe Murder Boyz “The Garcia Brothers” Now Available for Pre-Order!

You can’t keep good murderers down! Juggalo favorites Bones and Otis, better known at the Axe Murder Boyz, have returned to once again wreak bloody havoc! Their first album in six long years, “The Garcia Brothers,” is now available for pre-order on Hatchet Gear in anticipation of its release date on Tuesday, March 25. This album will ONLY be available on CD via Hatchet Gear so if you want a physical copy, you better order it now! “The Garcia Brothers” will also be available digitally on all major download retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. No matter what format you get it in, you’re going to want to add this 14-track album of pure Midwest wicked shit to your collection! Bones and Otis, it’s so good to have you sick fuckers back!

Pre-order AMB’s “The Garcia Brothers CD here:


And be sure and check out “The Garcia Brothers” teaser here:

Pre Order the Garcia Brothers on HatchetGearJumpsteady The Road and other True Stories @ Hatchetgear.com

March 14th, 2014 Psychopathic Records