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Hatchet Herald
June 07, 2013
DJ Clay's "A World Upside Down"

ICP Theater Debuts July 24th on Fuse TV

Big Hoodoo
Coming July 2nd

The GotJ Rise of
The Underground

Family Focus


      The wait is over and as of this week DJ Clay, the mixx master of Psychopathic Records and Hatchet House, has released his highly anticipated new album, A World Upside Down! Backed by his labelmates and a load of dope special guests this is the freshest mixxtape by far you’ll get your hands on in 2013!

      Welcome to A World Upside Down where everything as you know is fuckin’ flipped leaving the underground free to rule above the streets! Featuring his heavy hitter homies, DJ Clay’s new mixxtape has remixes and brand new tracks from Insane Clown Posse! Anybody Killa! Myzery! Blaze Ya Dead Homie! Legz Diamond & The Purple Gang! Cold 187um! Whitney Peyton! Kottonmouth kings! Drive-by! Tech N9ne! & Hopsin!

      Getting your hands on DJ Clay’s A World Upside Down album is easier than ever because that bitch is available Nationwide! You can drop into Best Buy,

The Birdhouse
Anderson, IN
Doors: 6:30pm

Tiger O’ Stylies
Berwyn, IL
Doors: 6:00pm

Good Time Charlies
Topelo, MS
Doors: 7:00pm

The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA
Doors: 7:00pm

Brewster’s Pit
Jacksonville, FL
Doors: 7:00pm

Tremont Music Hall
Charlotte, NC
Doors: 8:00pm

First Southern arts center
Stanford, KY
Doors: 6:00pm

FYE, or anywhere that sells albums to pick it up. Or if you’re one of those people who hate having to deal with human interaction and don’t like leaving your house, you can order it right off of hatchetgear.com and iTunes!

      If you already got your hands on the album and are itchin’ to see DJ Clay live then you’re in luck! ABK’S Underground Summer Jam Tour 2 has already begun and not only can you peep out The Hatchet Warrior, ABK, but you’ll also get to see his very special guest DJ Clay! Two dope Psychopathic acts! One fuckin’ stage!

      The upcoming tour dates are below with one poppin’ off as soon as TONIGHT! Head to thehatchetwarrior.com and dj-clay.com to pick up your tickets! And head over to hatchetgear.com, iTunes, or your local store to pick up DJ Clay’s brand new mixxtape, A World Upside Down!

Click here to order your copy of
DJ Clay's "A World Upside Down"

Venue 109
Madison, TN
Doors: 8:00pm

Cleveland, OH
Doors: 6:00pm

Toledo, OH
Doors: 8:00pm

Mac’s Bar
Lansing, MI
Doors: 5:00pm

Pop’s Nightclub
Sauget, IL
Doors: 7:00pm

The Roxy
Denver, CO
Doors: 6:00pm

The Rise of The
Underground is
Coming Your Way!
Something topical and fresh Good chance of
the script gettin'
flipped - we rule
the planet!
Volume 13
Issue 83
Flavor...Scroll Down
Even More Flavor...
Keep Scrolling Down

Hatchet Herald Page 2 June 07, 2013


     The Insane Clown Posse has dominated underground music! With two feature length films they have made the movie industry their bitch! They have put their clowny footprints in the asses of wrestling, video games, music videos, news… You name it and they have done it! But now the Insane Clown Posse is stepping foot into new territory and they are prepared to school the fuck out of it.

     ICP’s brand new television show, Insane Clown Posse Theater, is coming to Fuse TV on July 24th! That’s right, the wicked clowns are about to take over the small screen by bustin’ right into your living room with their very own TV show!

     If you remember, the Insane Clown Posse previously did segments for Fuse’s youtube channel called ICP Theater. It revolved around Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope giving their uncensored and sometimes depraved opinions about current music videos, including Carley Rae Jepsen and Justin Bitch Boy Beaver. While those videos were just ICP doin’ what they do best, shootin’ the shit together about the fuck ever, Ninjas everywhere LOVED IT! That’s how Insane Clown Posse Theater came to be.

     Earlier this week the Insane Clown Posse finished up the 1st leg of their Mighty Death Pop Tour and they barely had time to rest in The D because they were heading right back out to NY to begin filming for the show.

     On June 4th The Duke of the Wicked took to the official Insane Clown Posse Twitter to give the ‘Los and ‘Lettes a heads up on what was happening. “@ICP: Yeah bitch! In the morning we R off to NYC to film the first 8 episodes of "ICP Theater" for Fuse TV. FEELIN GOOD -VJ”

      While few details are available it is known that this will be more of a variety show and not only ICP commenting on current music videos, though we’re thankful as fuck they’ll be doing that too since it’s funny as hell.

      Stayed tuned for more details on insaneclownposse.com! Insane Clown Posse Theater debuts July 24th so make sure you have the Fuse TV hook-up so you don’t miss a thing!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 June 07, 2013

Hatchet Herald Page 4 June 07, 2013


      Psychopathic Records is always lookin’ forward and the next massive thing we see on the horizon? The Mutha Fuckin’ 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos! It’s goin’ down August 7th – 11th in Cave-in-Rock, IL at our home away from home The Hatchet Landings!

      You should know part of the line-up that has been released so far for The Gathering of the Juggalos, but if you’ve been living under a fuckin’ rock we’re more than happy to recap that shit for you. Honestly? The list so far is so fuckin’ dope that we enjoy sayin’ it over and over again because it makes us ridiculously geeked.

      This year at The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos you’ll of course be able to peep the big names of The Hatchet and company! We’re talking about the Insane Clown Posse closin’ out Saturday night! You’ll also see Anybody Killa! Blaze Ya Dead Homie! Boondox! Dark Lotus! Legz Diamond & The Purple Gang! Psychopathic Rydas! Twiztid! Zug Izland!

      But that only covers the Psychopathic Homies! In addition to alla dat you’ll get to see Kottonmouth Kings! Tech N9ne! Swollen Members! Brotha Lynch Hung! Soulfly! Whitney Peyton! Mars! Myzery! Wolfpac! Bizzar! KungFu Vampire! Blowfly! Lil Wyte! And Haystak!

      Some of these names look familiar, but you know why that is? Because this year at The Gathering of the Juggalos it’s all about THE RISE OF THE UNDERGROUND? And those Mutha Fuckos we just listed? All of ‘em, they MAKE the fuckin’ underground! It would be impossible to have this Juggalo Gathering without them!

      Tickets for The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalo are available on juggalogathering.com. Keep checkin’ back with that shit on the regular to make sure you stay up to the minute on who and what is goin’ down at The Juggalo Gathering. The MOMENT somethin’ is locked down, it's on there!

Hatchet Herald Page 5 June 07, 2013


Sly Guy Smooth: I found Violent J's vest he wore for the gathering last year, I thought it was so bad ass that he would want it back. So I bought VIP tickets just so I could give him his vest back. He is such a fresh person he said "No man, this is yours now." and he tossed it back to me. As I was about to leave he shouted "Hey bro, you want me to sign that for you?" So hell ya I now own Big Violent J's vest from the gathering performance 2012. I will cherish it for life. Thank you Big Violent J.

Whitney Eddie Laventure: My husband and I went to the show In Lancaster, PA and even with a small venue the Family was heard throughout into the streets. There were so many people from different walks of life which not only brought you closer as a Juggalo or Juggalette, but the idea that the young and old can party hard together at an ICP show and not have any friction about it. I love that our Family displays such vibrant and boisterous emotion at a show with the sound of the Whoop Whoops thundering in the venue. I had a chance to stand next to this one Juggalette who was in her 50s and was grateful that I gave her a few feet of standing room just so she could visibly see ICP on stage. There was a Juggalo who was next to me as well in a wheelchair and was so into the show he practically fell out of his wheelchair. I don't think a dry person left that show because the venue was three stories tall with 3 levels and the Faygo streamed from the front of the first level to the back of the third level. I love going to ICP shows because not only do you meet the other badass Juggalos and Juggalettes, but that feeling of Juggalo Family love is so evident it spews throughout just like the Faygo.

Damien Sicboy Andrade: Anaheim California may 28, I was able to do the vip again this time around but this time I had a gift to give to J and Shaggs. I gave violent J a custom Butterfly charm and Shaggy a custom Shangri-la charm that I made. It was a honor to give them a gift but to watch them put the charms on in

front of me blew my mind, I’ll never forget it. No other moment could match the emotion that was with us at that moment it will live on forever.

Joshua Stephen Simpkins: So my wonderful, beautiful wife surprised me with a TMDP VIP package. I was geeked as hell, as I've wanted to meet The Duke of the Wicked & The Southwest Strangla for well over a decade and a half now. My Fam and I rented a van off Hertz and headed on down to Anaheim Cali for the show! The drive was stale as month old Wonder bread, but the van was tight with a kick-ass stereo. I think we might've blew the speakers by bumping ICP's The Old S***, but that's the chance you take bumping the wicked shit. We got there hella early, but spent the time hanging with all the fresh-ass Los and Lettes occupying the parking area. Time flew by and it was VIP time! I had to take a leak so bad my back teeth were floating, but I couldn't use the restroom until after the VIP thang... STALE. I understood though. The autograph signing was all rush, rush, rush, but at least I got to give props, say thank you, have my Behind the Paint autographed and get a pic snapped. I also made J laugh--which was fresh cuz he's been making me laugh for years on end--when he asked me how I was doing and I told him I had to piss like crazy. The show was off the chain as usual, no complaints from this Juggalo. The Faygo-Armageddon was the bomb, literally I was dropping Two-liters like A-bombs. Once I got to the side of the stage were my crew was located at I turned into a Faygo throwing machine. About 13 deep I notice my niece giving me the Undertaker throat slash telling me to kill the Faygo throwing--enough was enough I guess. I took a quick peep at the crowd around my fam and I notice total devastation. People are grasping different parts of their respective bodies in pain and a couple ninjas are just mean-muggin' the shiz-nit outta me. Needless to say I stop the bombing attack and start with the happy, friendly tossing to the poor bastards crammed against the barricade. With no more Faygo to throw I was escorted off-stage still gripping two unopened Faygo two-liters. As I'm making my way to the van, I notice a beautiful Lette trying to get this lil' 5 or 6 year old ninja to stop crying. Now I don't know why he was bawling like he was (maybe he was sad that the show was over, maybe he got pulled out early cuz it was too rowdy, maybe he received one of my Diet Root-beer bombs to the nugget--I hope it wasn't #3) but I got this overwhelming feeling that I had to do something to defuse the situation. Then it hit me like a flying Faygo two-liter. As I approached the scene I gingerly slapped one of my unopened Faygos into the kids tiny

chest. He stopped crying instantly and started hugging that bottle like it was his precious; everyone evolved was smiling like kids on the little yellow bus. I hobbled on to my ride and hurriedly changed out of my Faygo soaked clothes. Everyone piled in and it was off to Dennys for a plate full of Moons over my Hammy. Another successful Wicked Clowns Show in the record books!

Ron Middleton: I'm damn proud of my fam!!!! Every ninja picked up a fallen ninja. In the pits a few years ago it was never like t that. We are all coming together as a family and that's why I am apart of this movement and have been since 1997... Haters are gonna hate so let them just do their job. All it does is make my fam stronger and stronger. Mmfcl

Missy Thomason: I met them backstage and Violent J said he liked my face paint! I don't think I've ever received a better compliment. Meeting them was one of the great highlights of my life.

Christina Allen: The flagstaff concert on June 2nd was my first ICP concert. I've seen ABK and Twiztid with my husband before but not ICP. I’ve been to several concerts in my 23 years of living but ICP is the most memorable. It was absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve ever been to. There was so much energy emerging from everyone there was no way you couldn’t absorb it yourself. When ICP came on stage it was a rampage of whoop whoops and family love. I even threw up the wicked clown sign a few times and threw up some whoop whoops in there. I couldn’t stand still while they played, all I wanted to do was get showered with faygo and have one hell of a time. Both being accomplished I can officially say that I am a juggalette and deep down inside always was. I just needed some family love and my husband to bring it out in me.

Phuzzy Nizzos of Desert Juggalos: TUCSON,AZ 6/1/13 was One of the freshest clown shows we've experienced in a hot minute from the moment we arrived nothin but clown love from everyone we ran into all day long. Every artist killed it and put on unforgettable performances. Personally the most drenched I've ever gotten at an Insane Clown Posse show. It was an honor and a privilege to cover the show Desert Juggalos will always support Psychopathic LONG LIVE THE CLOWNS WHOOOP WHOOOOP!

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS June 07, 2013

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