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Hatchet Herald
February 14, 2013
Juggalo Weekend

Juggalo Weekend Pay-per-views

Legz Diamond
9 Pistolas Pre-order

ICP "Hate Her To Death" Music Video

Family Focus


      This is what we’ve been waitin’ for, Homies! This weekend is OUR TIME to shine! It’s the highly anticipated and unable to be duplicated Juggalo Weekend! You might remember that last year was Juggalo DAY. The technical holiday is on February 17th, but this year Psychopathic Records and the Insane Clown Posse had so much they wanted to do that they had to turn it into a full weekend!

      You know we sure as hell aren’t complainin’ and neither are any of the ‘Los and ‘Lettes worldwide! An entire weekend to really celebrate how fuckin’ fresh it is to be part of this unfuckwittable family? WE’RE DOWN! We’re sure you are too no matter how you plan to celebrate your roots this weekend. You can party wherever you are, whoever you are, but if you can be in the Detroit area Saturday and Sunday? DO IT! There is hella flavor goin’ on!

      First off, we’re droppin’ two new bombs for you! Even before the events begin in Detroit there is some awesomeness for the fam no matter where you live! The first massive chunk of news is that hatchetgear.com will be having a JUGGALO WEEKEND SALE!

      The sale is going to provide 50% off products on the hatchetgear.com site! This will be running from Saturday, February 16th at 9:00AM EST until Sunday, February 17th at 11:59PM EST! If there are jerseys you’ve been eyeballin’, t-shirts you need to have hangin’ in your closet, hoodies you want to keep your ass warm for the rest of winter, NOW is the time to get on it! 50% off ain’t nothin’ to pass up and it’s happenin’ all weekend long for EVERYONE! No coupons, no codes, it’s all automatically taken off at checkout!

      As another way to save the ‘Los and ‘Lettes a little cheddar, you can pick up the Insane Clown Posse App by Pixofactor for a simple $.99! That sale will also run from Saturday, February 16th until Sunday, February 17th! The ICP App can be found on the Apple App Store as well as the Android Play Store. It features vintage and never before seen pictures of ICP, behind the scenes footage, App exclusives, events, a chat feature, and much more! It’s everything ICP right in your fuckin’ phone for $.99!

      And all of that is even before the major events of the weekend begin! The massive shows that will bring the family together in The Murda Mitt! There is still time for you to grab tickets, to make plans, and to get your ass into Detroit for this weekend because this is NOT something you’re going to want to miss!

      First on the list on Saturday, February 16th to kick everything off is the Oddball Brawl at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI! Doors for this all ages event will be opening at 5PM and there are a lot of ways for you to pick up tickets for it that’ll only run you $10! You can hit up ticketmaster.com, hatchetgear.com, and at the Down With The Clown Stores listed at the end of this article.

      Oddball Brawl at St. Andrew’s Hall will feature the likes of Bobby Lashley! Jon Bolin! The Boogeyman! Richie Boy Bryer Wellington with Butler Geeves! The Ring Ryders! The Haters! The Honky Tonk Man! Superstar Bill Martel! Madman Pondo & The Necro Butcher! The Rudeboy & Evil Dead! Kongo Kong! Zach Gowen! Tracy & Isabella Smothers! The Weedman & Ring Girl Randi! 2 Tuff Tony! Shawn Daivari! The Commissioner Violent J! Pay-per-view commentary by Shaggy 2 Dope & Kevin Gill! With DJ Clay on the turntables!

      It’s going to be an absolutely insane night just like you would expect from the brutes of JCW wrestling! Nothing will be held back! Anything goes! These wrestlers will be murdalizing the fuck out of each other and beating each other so hard they will be pissing teeth. Now that’s entertainment!

      If you can’t make it out to wrestling LIVE on Saturday night, we suggest you hit up psychopathiclive.com where you can peep out the internet pay-per-view streaming live for only $7! But there’s a HUGE BONUS for those who show up at the event LIVE and in person! Sugar Slam will be in the building at Oddball Brawl giving away ten tickets to the sold the fuck out Riddle Box Show happening the next night. That’s your last shot to possibly see ICP’s Riddle Box Show LIVE!

      Following Oddball Brawl the party is moving to The Ritz in Warren, MI for the Juggalo Weekend Afterparty! The doors open at 10PM and this event is restricted to 18+ because shit is going to get wild! An over the top celebration of everything Juggalo with huge performances by The Hatchet Warrior, ABK! The Mad Scientist, Mike E. Clark! And The Vicious Vinyl Villain, DJ Clay! It’s going to be all that and more for only $7! You can get your tickets now on showclix.com and hatchetgear.com!

      The next day, on the official Juggalo Day of Sunday, February 17th we suggest you get yourself over to Rock of Ages in Garden City, MI between 1PM – 5PM! The Insane Clown Posse will be holding a Juggalo Weekend In-store and you’re gonna wanna be there! With the busy schedules of ICP in-stores haven’t happened for a hot minute, but that’s changing on Juggalo Day!

      There is no purchase necessary to participate in the ICP in-store. Just bring your shit so you can see Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, have them sign your gear, and share in the holiday with the wicked clowns. The only rule that will be followed is that there is a two items per person restriction. This is so that The Duke of the Wicked and The Southwest Strangla can get through as many ‘Los and ‘Lettes as possible in the given time!

      Finally, it all comes down to the Insane Clown Posse’s Riddle Box Show at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI that night, February 17th! There are two bombtastic openers, Myzery and Project Born! They will be followed by ICP performing the entire Riddle Box album LIVE in concert! The kick in the ass is that the tickets sold the fuck out within a matter of days. The upside is that you can still see the show! It’s available on psychopathiclive.com as an internet pay-per-view for a smooth $17. You get all of the freshness streaming LIVE right into the comfort of your own fuckin’ home!

      Juggalo Weekend 2013 is going to be over the top in every way possible. If you can make it out to even just one event that’s great, but our suggestion is that you make a full fuckin’ weekend out of it! Four huge events on Saturday, February 16th and Sunday, February 17th are just BEGGING for your presence! Heed the call, Ninjas! Hit up insaneclownposse.com for more details and the tour section for all ticket links! Juggalo Weekend only happens once a year, Homies! BE THERE!

Down With The Clown Stores where you can get Oddball Brawl at St. Andrews Hall tickets:

Rock of Ages
31015 Ford Road
Garden City, MI

Dearborn Music
22501 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn, MI

The Road Show
28500 Gratiot Ave.
Roseville, MI

Planet Rock
1904 Springwells St.
Detroit, MI

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Hatchet Herald Page 2 February 14, 2013


      While the internet pay-per-views were touched on in the Top Story of today’s Hatchet Herald, we want to lay it out in simple black and white for all the Ninjas who want to experience Juggalo Weekend and won’t be able to make it out to Detroit.

      We know shit happens, you’re too busy to make the trip or you have one of those job things we hear are super fuckin’ popular. You can’t find a babysitter for the kids or maybe you’re just a Quasimodo lookin’ muther fucka that refuses to leave their parents’ basement. Whatever the case may be the psychopathiclive.com internet pay-per-views are for you!

      The freshness that is psychopathiclive.com has evolved by leaps and bounds since it first debuted! Because of the affiliation with UStream the purchasing process has become much easier and quality is on the rise! Psychopathic’s internet pay-per-view is gettin’ tighter and tighter and this is the perfect weekend to check it out!

      The big improvement is that there will be multiple bit rates available to pick from. This means that if you have slower internet you will be able to pick a lower bit rate so that your shit doesn’t freeze. BOOM! Technology and shit!

      First off on Saturday, February 16th it’s Oddball Brawl at St. Andrews Hall! The pay-per-view will only run you $7! That’s a whole hell of a lot cheaper than most wrestling pay-per-views and the action JCW has planned is going to be well worth it!

      You won’t miss a damn thing when you’re watching the Oddball Brawl at St. Andrew’s Hall internet pay-per-view from psychopathiclive.com! You’ll see Bobby Lashley! Jon Bolin! The Boogeyman! Richie Boy Bryer Wellington with Butler Geeves! The Ring Ryders! The Haters! The Honky Tonk Man! Superstar Bill Martel! Madman Pondo & The Necro Butcher! The Rudeboy & Evil Dead! Kongo Kong! Zach Gowen! Tracy & Isabella Smothers! The Weedman & Ring Girl Randi! 2 Tuff Tony! Shawn Daivari! The Commissioner Violent J! With DJ Clay on the turntables!

      As an extra fresh bonus for the internet pay-per-view crowd you’ll have commentary by Shaggy 2 Dope & Kevin Gill! That’s right, as if wrestling weren’t enough you’ll get a play by play from The Southwest Strangla and The Voice of JCW!

      So, for all you wrestling marks, make sure you head over to psychopathiclive.com and order your JCW Oddball Brawl at St. Andrews Hall internet pay-per-view! Saturday, February 16th beginning at 6PM EST!

      Next on the tasty pay-per-view plate? This is the Don Mega Mutha of the weekend! It’s the Insane Clown Posse’s Riddle Box Show! Everyone knew that this event was going to be popular amongst the fam, but no one suspected that it was going to sell the fuck out in a matter of days!

      Thankfully, the Psychopathic Records Video Department has got your back and is making the Riddle Box Show an internet pay-per-view for all to see! You’ll get the full action of Myzery! Project Born! And the main event of the Insane Clown Posse performing the Riddle Box album straight through from beginning to end! The third Joker’s Card and a huge part of the Dark Carnival magic!

      The Riddle Box Show internet pay-per-view available on psychopathiclive.com can be purchased for $17! What you need to do is gather up all your homies who also missed out on getting their tickets to the show, get ‘em over to your house, hook your computer up to your TV screen, everyone toss in some cheddar, and let the party begin! The Riddle Box Show is a night to be shared amongst the fam! Grab some brews, bud, popcorn, and get fuckin’ crazy!

      Psychopathic Records has also got a chance for you to win a free viewing of the Oddball Brawl at St. Andrews Hall internet pay-per-view or ICP’s Riddle Box Show internet pay-per-view! Entering the raffle for each one is SUPER FUCKIN’ SIMPLE! Just hit up insaneclownposse.com/oddball then type in your name and email address to enter yourself into the raffle for Oddball Brawl! Same goes for insaneclownposse.com/Riddlebox where you type in your name and email address to enter the raffle for the Riddle Box Show!

      There will be multiple winners for each show. The drawing for the Oddball Brawl at St. Andrews Hall pay-per-view will happen February 16th at 2PM EST. Winners will be notified by email. The drawing for ICP’s Riddle Box Show will happen February 17th at 5PM EST. Winners will once again be notified by email. It’s a super fuckin’ simple way for you to have a chance to win a few viewing of the Juggalo Weekend pay-per-views!

      For everyone else who doesn’t win or would rather guarantee their viewing of the pay-per-views without leaving them to chance, you can hit up psychopathiclive.com right now to order either Oddball Brawl at St. Andrews Hall, ICP’s Riddle Box Show Live, OR BOTH! If you can’t make it out to Juggalo Weekend, bring Juggalo Weekend to yourself, Ninja!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 February 14, 2013


      Load that Tommy gun, put on your best pinstripe suit, adjust the brim of your fedora and pour yourself a glass of whatever bathtub gin you can find because on Tuesday, March 19, Legz Diamond & the Purple Gang will be opening fire with their debut album 9 Pistolas!

      It’s a powerful and explosive musical journey about an old school gangster’s rise to power. And you can pre-order that shit NOW at Hatchet Gear!

      Produced entirely by Insane Clown Posse, this is the first time ICP’s longtime homie/guitarist/backup vocalist Legz Diamond has claimed the spotlight for himself and the result is a devastating album that could only come from Psychopathic Records. Although just as brutal as you would expect, this album is unlike anything you've ever heard!

      Featuring the sultry Sugar Slam and the legendary Jumpsteady as the Purple Gang back the infamous Legz Diamond, 9 Pistolas is the mobster movie album you’ve been waiting for.

      So get the fuck over to hatchetgear.com, guys and dolls, and pre-order that shit!

Click to pre-order on HatchetGear

Hatchet Herald Page 4 February 14, 2013


     Holy shitballs, Juggalos! Have you seen the magnificent flavor that is ICP’s new “Hate Her to Death” music video? If not, peep that shit below right now!

     This may arguably be one of ICP’s most emotionally intense videos they have ever filmed and it couldn’t have turned out more fresh.

     The only thing that sucks is that this video was leaked to the Internet before an official release date had been

announced, so Psychopathic had to compensate by releasing the video prematurely. That was kinda stale but we’re proud as fuck of the “Hate Her to Death” video and know it will strike a personal chord with many viewers.

     Plus, it was directed by the fabulous Deka Brothers who not only also helmed the “Chris Benoit” video but they also took home last year’s MTV Video Music Award for Best Special Effects.

     Psychopathic and ICP are proud as fuck to work with such incredible, award-winning talent as the Deka Brothers, especially when the results are as stunning as they are in the “Hate Her to Death” video. Check it out below and for more video freshness hit up hatchetmantv.com!

Hatchet Herald Page 5 February 14, 2013


Dan K.

      Right. So, I live in the UK and one night me and my two Bros were just chillin at our local park until about six dudes came along and beat the crap out of us for wearing our juggalo jerseys.

      So they left us and we phoned the police and ambulance. The police got there and told us that we gotta go down to the station and started hating on us for our juggalo jerseys.

      We ended up spending the night in a cell and in the morning we were asked about any drug dealers we know and they searched all our houses for drugs and weapons and shit. There is so little fam in the UK, I don't see why they're thinking that we're a gang?

Sam H.
Redding, CA

      I have been forced to no longer

represent the artists I like from Psychopathic Records due to repeated profiling by Anderson Police Department, Redding Police Department, and Red Bluff Police Department simply for wearing "hatchet gear".

      I've been stopped multiple times for nothing more than walking down the street. I'm then questioned about gang affiliation and talked down to about my choice of attire. When asked why I get pulled over I get a vague answer such as "you fit the description of a suspect".

      I'm a culinary arts/ business major at Shasta College, one of the most successful former foster youth in the area, and about as gangster as a care bear.

      I've been listening to Insane Clown Posse since I was 4 years old so of course I'm going to represent the music I love. It's saved my life on multiple occasions when all I wanted to do was die. It was my light in the darkness and I shouldn’t be punished for supporting it.

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS February 14, 2013

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