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Hatchet Herald
February 01, 2013
GotJ Tickets On Sale

Juggalo Weekend

ICP Video Premiere
For "Jump Around"

Tunnel of Love
XXX Version

Family Focus


      This is the epitome of events in the Juggalo and Juggalette world. While Psychopathic concerts, wrestling events, in-stores, and parties have never let anyone down, absolutely nothing compares to being at The Gathering of the Juggalos!

      This is when you literally get to step away from the real world and immerse yourself in a Shangri-la state of mind when you are surrounded by your family and friends. People that you have never met but they will treat you like a brother from another mother and a sister from another mister!

      The Gathering of the Juggalos features bands, contests, competitions, wild sideshows, carnival rides, junk food, freakshow oddities, Faygo flyin’, wrestling, and so much excitement that you just might literally shit your pants!

      But more importantly it is a safe haven where Juggalos and Juggalettes can come as you are. You can shake off the grit and grime of your day to day life. Forget the haters and those who try to hold you down. It’s a place for our family to join up as one and aim a big fuckin’ middle finger to the rest of the world while we bask in the glory of our very own Juggalo Island!

      If you have been to The Gathering of the Juggalos before, you know what to expect. You know that each year is even better than the last and that it’s an unnatural high you get from being in this massive mecca of Ninja brotherhood.

      If you’ve never been to The Gathering of the Juggalos before, we suggest you stop puttin’ it off and you get your shit together! While we could recount endless tales of what happens at The Juggalo Gathering, words alone can’t even begin to express what you can find there. You have to experience it for yourself!

      The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos will be happening August 7th – 11th in Cave-in-Rock, IL at Hog Rock, also known as The Hatchet Landings! This location has proven to be the perfect home away from home for The Gathering and we’re thankful as fuck we get to have it there again!

      The big news is that as of RIGHT NOW, tickets for The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos are on sale at juggalogathering.com! We know that there is a lot of fuckin’ planning that goes into attending The Gathering of the Juggalos. TRUST US! The Gathering Ninjas work like dogs to get everything in order so y’all can have the time of your lives.

      So we know that the earlier you can start your planning, the better. Now you’ll have everything you need to know to get your tickets to The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos! Most importantly, here’s the full breakdown of everything you can purchase on juggalogathering.com right now!

      Tickets on sale today begin the one month offering of the Ticket and Free T-Shirt combo pack! Running from February 1st until March 1st, when you purchase your Ticket from juggalogathering.com for $175 you will receive a free exclusive Gathering of the Juggalos t-shirt! That freshness can actually be seen in the picture above. This t-shirt combo will only run in the first month for the early bird ticket buyers. If you wait until after March 1st to get your ticket it will still be $175 but no t-shirt freshness. A ticket to The Gathering of the Juggalos will get you free parking in the parking lot outside of the grounds and access into The Hatchet Landings. This includes all the shows, all the concerts, all the madness, and free camping!

      Car Passes are available for $100. While there is free parking for everyone at The Gathering of the Juggalos outside of the grounds, if you would like to bring your vehicle into The Hatchet Landings then you will need to purchase a Car Pass.

      As a side note, once your vehicle is parked at your campsite that is where it has to stay. For the safety of your fellow ‘Los and ‘Lettes you CAN’T drive around the grounds of The Juggalo Gathering unless it is an emergency situation. This is simply so you can have the convenience of having your car at your campsite and camp out in it if you want.

      If you’re looking to bring in something bigger than a vehicle, an RV or a trailer, then the RV Pass for $150 is for you. It gives you the same sort of access as a Car Pass, but for a larger class vehicle. Same as before, when you park your RV or trailer at your campsite, that’s where it has to stay until you’re ready to pack up and leave The Gathering.

      Finally, for everyone who wants the top dog experience at The Gathering of the Juggalos we suggest the Big Ballas Campsites. The Big Ballas Campsites are a designated area for you to camp that will include an electrical outlet and a water source for your convenience. A Big Ballas Campsite will run you $400. These spaces are limited and there hasn’t been a year of the Gathering when they haven’t sold out quick as shit. So, we suggest if you’re even remotely interested with goin’ in on this site with your homies that you pool your cheddar and get to gettin’ before they’re gone.

      As a final heads up, although tickets for The Gathering of the Juggalos are on sale now they will not be shipped out until July. This is simply guaranteeing that you have your spot at The Gathering of the Juggalos so you can start your planning NOW!

      For more details about tickets, to purchase, and everything about The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos head on over to juggalogathering.com now!


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Volume 13
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Hatchet Herald Page 2 February 01, 2013


      Did you hear about the really important holiday that’s poppin’ off in February? FUCK NO we ain’t talkin’ about Valentine’s Day! Of course we could only be goin’ on about the biggest and best (only) Juggalo geared holiday! It’s JUGGALO DAY! Well, to be more precise this year it’s JUGGLO WEEKEND!

      The Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records declared Juggalo Day a holiday in 2012. Why? Because they mutha fuckin’ can! It was a really big fuckin’ deal and they urged Juggalo and Juggalettes worldwide to celebrate the fuck out of their Juggalo roots. Any excuse to party, right?

      Well, they had some massive shoes to fill this year after how high the bar was set last year, but we’re happy to say that they have succeeded. Juggalo Weekend will span two days on February 16th and 17th and they are packed to the edges with action! While you can celebrate Juggalo Weekend anywhere you are we highly suggest you bring your ass to the Murda Mitt to participate in the planned festivities!

      First off, the weekend starts Saturday, February 16th when JCW Wrestling takes over St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI! It’s THE ODDBALL BRAWL AT ST. ANDREW’S HALL! The show will be all ages with doors opening at 5PM and a belltime of 6PM! Tickets are only $10 and are for sale NOW on ticketmaster.com and hatchetgear.com!

      In the ring you’ll be able to see the likes of The Honky Tonk Man! Zach Gowen! The Boogeyman! Bobby Lashley! Shawn Daivari! Tracy Smothers! 2 Tuff Tony! The Rude Boy & Evil Dead! Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher! The Weedman! The Ring Rydas! Kongo Kong! Richie Boy Bryer Wellington with Butler Geeves! & Plenty More!

      For everyone who is coming out to the Oddball Brawl at St. Andrew’s Hall, you’re in for an extra large fuckin’ treat! As you all know, the Insane Clown Posse’s Riddle Box Show promptly sold out in a matter of a few short days. Well, at wrestling they will be giving away TEN TICKETS to see the Sold Out Riddle Box Show! This is OFFICIALY your last chance to get tickets to that show! Once those ten tickets are gone! That’s it! It’s history! So if you want a chance to see the Riddle Box Show, we suggest you come out!

      If you can’t make it out to Detroit, MI you’ll be able to pick up the internet pay-per-view for a smooth $7 over at psychopathiclive.com! Or grab your tickets to see the show live for $10 at ticketmaster.com or hatchetgear.com!

      Once wrestling is done and over with the Juggalo Weekend celebration is on the move to The Ritz in Warren, MI! This is where the Juggalo Weekend Afterparty will be poppin’ off! Doors to this 18+ show will be opening at 10PM!

      This is goin’ to be a hardcore party atmosphere, Ninjas chillin’ out and enjoyin’ the ‘Lo Life. But throughout the night you’ll also be able to catch performances by The Hatchet Warrior, ABK! The Mad Professor, Mike E. Clark! And The DJ of Psychopathic, DJ Clay!

      Tickets for the Juggalo Weekend Afterparty are only runnin’ for $7! SEVEN DOLLARS to chill with the Fam! That ain’t shit! You can pick them up at showclix.com and hatchetgear.com!

      First day down, next one up. On Sunday, February 17th, the first thing on your OFFICIAL Juggalo Day To-Do list is to hit up the Insane Clown Posse In-store signing at Rock of Ages in Garden City, MI from 1PM – 5PM! We know it’s been a hot minute since ICP have done an in-store signing. With being in the studio, touring, and their tireless work at the headquarters of Psychopathic

Records there sometimes just isn’t time for them to drop an in-store.

      But for Juggalo Day? Oh hell yeah! You know they’re gonna get in on it. They wanted to gives daps and luv straight to the Juggalo and Juggalettes and this was the best way to do it. So this is a super rare chance to see ICP face to face and we highly suggest you take it!

      There is no purchase necessary to meet up with Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope at the Rock of Ages In-store, but we do stress that there will be a limit of two items per person to be signed by the wicked clowns. Our reason for this is so that they can get through as many ‘Los and ‘Lettes as possible in the given time. We’re sure you understand!

      Finally, it’s the Insane Clown Posse’s Riddle Box Show! It’s poppin’ off at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI! This is when ICP will be performing the entire Riddle Box album from front to back! A night dedicated to a vintage era of the Duke of the Wicked and the Southwest Strangla! Recently added to open for ICP? MYZERY AND PROJECT BORN!

      Unfortunately if you don’t have your tickets to get inside St. Andrew’s Hall for The Riddle Box Show you’re out of luck. Shit sold out, homie! While you do have a chance to win one of the ten tickets being given away at the Oddball Brawl at St. Andrew’s Hall the night before, that is the only way you can get a ticket these days.

      BUT HOPE IS NOT LOST! Just because you can’t be at The Riddle Box show in person doesn’t mean that you can’t see it! The Insane Clown Posse’s full Riddle Box Show will available as an internet pay-per-view on psychopathiclive.com for $17! That’s a lot cheaper than a wrestling PPV would cost you.

      What we suggest is that you gather up your homies, everyone chip in some funds, and you can experience the Riddle Box Show live from the comfort of your own fuckin’ living room! MAKE A PARTY OF IT! Hell, it is Juggalo Weekend afterall!

      Like we said, this is the time for ‘Los and ‘Lettes to celebrate as a family! You can do that wherever your homies are, but we suggest if there is a sliver of a chance of you makin’ it to Detroit for the Juggalo Weekend… DO IT! Make a mini-vacation out of it, y’all! There will be plenty to do! Plenty of fam to hang out with! And plenty to see during JUGGALO WEEKEND 2013!

For ticket links to all events check the classifieds section at the VERY BOTTOM of the Hatchet Herald! For more details you can also check out insaneclownposse.com!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 February 01, 2013


      Pack it up, pack it in! Let me begin! The Insane Clown Posse’s new music video for “Jump Around” has hit the internet and it came to win! It’s the latest and greatest audio visual excitement from ICP brought to you by the hard working Ninjas of the Psychopathic Records Video Department!

      The “Jump Around” track was on the Covered, Smothered, and Chunked album which features nothin’ but cover tunes by the Insane Clown Posse. It was included with the Red Pop version of The Mighty Death Pop!

      For those who don’t know (come the fuck on), “Jump Around” was originally by House of Pain but Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope took it and added that wicked clown charm to the track!

      Sticking with paying homage to House of Pain, the music video for ICP’s “Jump Around” is a straight up shot for shot masterpiece inspired by the House of Pain music video. We’re not shittin’ you in the slightest! Want to see something fresh as fuck? Play the House of Pain “Jump Around” video next to the ICP “Jump Around” video and watch how exact they got those cuts!

      But of course, the Insane Clown Posse version of the video has a heavy dose of Psychopathic Flavor in the mix. Majority of the video was filmed in Detroit, MI in the State Bar right next to the beloved Fillmore!

      Also keepin’ it Psychopathic are all the cameos by the Hatchet Family and their homies! We’re talkin’ about Mike E. Clark! ABK! DJ Clay! The Rude Boy! Jumpsteady! Doe Dubbla! Violent JJ! Ruby! Chop! And more! See if you can spot ‘em!

      What else do we need to say about ICP’s “Jump Around” video? Not a damn thing! Just click the image below to head over to the official Insane Clown Posse Vevo where you can watch the video for yourself!

Hatchet Herald Page 4 February 01, 2013


      The Insane Clown Posse’s Tunnel of Love XXX Version re-release has officially dropped! It is available nationwide and on hatchetgear.com! We know there are a lot of old school Juggalos who have this version of Tunnel

of Love in their collection, props to you! But for anyone who missed out on the chance to get in on this explicit flavor from the Insane Clown Posse NOW IS YOUR TIME!

      The XXX Version of Tunnel of Love features the same classic tracklisting that you know and love, including the fresh bonus track “Mental Warp”. But what’s extra special about this version of the album is the cover! Let’s just say that on the XXX Version of the Insane Clown Posse's Tunnel of Love you get to see a whole different side of Shaggy 2 Dope.

      With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (it’s on February 14th, we’re sure you forgot, you’re fuckin’ welcome), this is going to make a fantasticly romantical gift to your luved one! Give it to your girl and get a hummer in return! Give it to your ‘Lo and make him give you a foot rub! Or just get it for yourself and rub it all over your naked, hairy body. However you get your kicks, we won’t judge!

      Hit up your local store where amazing fuckin’ albums are sold and pick up the Insane Clown Posse’s Tunnel of Love XXX Version. As a heads up, if you buy it off a shelf there’s going to be a big sticker over the entire cover so you have to keep an eye out for that. If you don’t want to have to put on pants and leave the house, just click your way over to hatchetgear.com and pick up the album there!

      ICP's Tunnel of Love XXX Version re-release! AVAILABLE NOW!


Hatchet Herald Page 5 February 01, 2013


Kat R.
Reno, NV

      My daughter started listening to Insane Clown Posse years ago. I kept hearing bad things about Juggalos, so I decided to listen to the music myself. I really like the fact that they embrace the ‘Family’ idea regarding their fans and I've witnessed Juggalos helping each other out. I became a fan of the music and the lifestyle. I'm not your ‘typical’ Juggalo — I'm 46 years old, a certified optician, certified ophthalmic assistant and I've been employed at the only neuro-ophthalmology clinic in the state of Nevada for years. I'm a medical professional and I'm a Juggalo. My daughter is 20. When she was still in high school, she was suspended for wearing a Hatchetman T-shirt and necklace. I came to the school in my work scrubs wearing a Hatchetman necklace with the intent of

arguing her First Amendment rights. I was told by the principal as well as the school police officer that they considered Juggalos to be gang members, and as such, they were not allowed to wear their ‘colors’ on school grounds.

      I said ‘I'm a 42 year old medical professional and I'm a Juggalo. I paid cash for my house and cash for my Lexus. Am I a gang member?’ There was no response. While we were in the school, a kid came in wearing a Tupac T-shirt. I pointed him out and said ‘You know, Tupac was shot to death in gang-related violence.’ I was told that Tupac was not considered a gang member. That young man was allowed to recite a Tupac song in his school drama class, while my daughter Kelsie, was NOT allowed to recite an ICP song (that contained A LOT less violent content than the Tupac song). I pulled my daughter out of that school and she finished her diploma through a high school at the local community college where they had no problem allowing her to wear her Hatchet Gear.

      Our local malls have both banned wearing Hatchet Gear attire and will physically remove anyone caught wearing it on the premises. I was asked to leave the mall when I came in wearing a Hatchetman necklace. I told the security guard ‘I bought this necklace right there at Hot Topic. They sell this stuff and yet you're telling me I can't wear it?’ He didn't answer me, just escorted me to the door. Both Hot Topic and Spencer’s Gifts have stopped selling Hatchet Gear as they were told that it is gang

attire. As a result, they've lost a lot of business from the Reno Juggalo community.

      I think it's ludicrous that Juggalos are considered a gang when fans of say, Slipknot or Nickelback for that matter, are not.

      Whoop Whoop! From a medical professional, mother, grandmother, poet, and proud Juggalette! FAMILY!

Andrew D.
Roseland, VA

      I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles the other day to get my driver’s license and my car has a Hatchet Man sticker on the back windshield. When I got there, the lady who was doing my test told me that I couldn’t use my car because it was ‘gang related.’ I asked her how and she replied ‘You should know. You’re in the Juggalo gang.’ Additionally, I have a Hatchet Man tattoo on my chest and I was denied from joining the military due to the tattoo being supposedly ‘gang related.’ I don’t understand it. I know people who have tattoos of other bands like the Grateful Dead or Lady Gaga – why aren’t they classified like Juggalos are?

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS February 01, 2013

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