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Hatchet Herald
November 22, 2012
Big Ballas
X-Mas Party

American Psycho
Tour DVD

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      It’s time to get holly fuckin’ jolly up in here, ‘Los and ‘Lettes! We know you’re still workin’ your way through that delicious turkey coma, but with the end of Thanksgiving means it’s officially THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!

      You know what time we’re talkin’ about. When all the good Juggalos and Juggalettes get a brand new shiny axe in their stockings from Skanky Claws! It’s the Hatchet Holidays and what better way to celebrate than the Big Ballas X-Mas Party!?

      It’s a tradition and this year it’s goin’ doooown! The Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records have packed this shit to the edges with a bunch of ho-ho-holiday goodness and we’ve got those mutha fuckin’ tasty details you’re cravin’.

      The 2012 Big Ballas X-Mas Party will be poppin’ off on Saturday, December 22nd this year at St. Andrews in Detroit, MI! This shit is a family affair to the EXTREME, because that’s what the holidays are fuckin’ about! Because of that the event will be all ages! Bring your homies and even the Kiddalos so they can get into the spirit of shit!

      Doors will be opening at 7:00PM and the show begins at 8:00PM which means you get a FULL NIGHT of Axe-mas cheer. The best part? Tickets are dirt cheap! They’re on sale NOW at ticketmaster.com and if you buy them in advance you can grab that shit for only $17!

      Trust us when we say you’re gettin’ a whole lotta bang for your buck at this year’s Big Ballas X-Mas Party. Everything that’s planned is absolutely STACKED! But you know how Psychopathic Records

goes. There are always going to be a lot of surprises and tricks pulled out throughout the night.

      This is what’s set in stone though. You’re gonna be joining the Hatchet Family and their VERY special guests who will be performing all throughout the night. They got Bizarre & King Gordy! Prozak! JCW Wrestling, because who doesn’t like some bloody brutality to go along with their egg nog?!

      There is so much happening at Ballas this year they even had to crack open The Shelter to make room for all the flavor! Downstairs you’ll be able to peep a very special X-Mas acoustic set performed by Zug Izland! And Mike E. Clark will be spinning his maniacal tunes, too!

      The Hatchet Holidays are about spending time with the people you luv and who has more luv than the Juggalos and Juggalettes!? It’s time to get to celebratin’, Ninjas!

      Don’t fuckin’ forget! Big Ballas X-Mas Party is happening on Saturday, December 22nd at St. Andrews in Detroit, MI! Tickets are on sale NOW at ticketmaster.com and if you get them in advance they’re only $17! Doors for this massive night will be opening at 7:00PM with the show starting at 8:00PM! And it’s ALL AGES! So bring the fam!

      It’s the Big Ballas X-Mas Party, Homies! Grab your tickets on ticketmaster.com and BE THERE!

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Hatchet Herald Page 2 November 22, 2012


      Although the American Psycho Tour itself is already fully scrawled into the Hatchet History books, it doesn’t mean that you can’t relive the mutha fuckin’ excitement of one of the biggest Psychopathic Records tours to date over and over again!

      The Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid have joined forces to release all the epic freshness of this tour on disc. It’s the Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid’s American Psycho Tour Documentary! An hour and a half of the non-stop madness that goes on behind the scenes and in front of the stage when it comes to a Nationwide Psychopathic tour!

      Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid’s American Psycho Tour Documentary will be released on hatchetgear.com and in stores nationwide on December 11th! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for any ‘Lo in your life. OR… just get that shit for yourself because it’s dope as hell and you deserve it!

      Hatchetgear.com has also got some extra flavor to pile on top of this already devastating DVD! From December 11th, when the DVD is released, to December 24th the DVD will be on sale for only $11.98! That’s all the performances, backstage interviews, behind the scenes, up close and personal footage, interviews with the Juggalos and Juggalettes for just under twelve bones!

      Want to take your American Psycho Tour Documentary experience to the next level? Then the American Psycho Documentary Tour combo pack is for you! The combo pack will include the American Psycho Tour Documentary DVD, a collector’s edition American Psycho Tour backstage pass laminate, and an official American Psycho Tour t-shirt! It’s the full show experience right in your fuckin’ living room for only $40!

      And you won’t just be seeing the Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid on this DVD. Hell no! That tour was all about the fam and Hatchet Homies so you know you’ll catch a lot of familiar faces when you’re peepin’ this shit out!

      You’ll catch sets from The Zombie King, Blaze Ya Dead Homie! The Brothers of Mystery, Dark Lotus! The Original Detroit Gangstas, Psychopathic Rydas! The Mad Scientist, Mike E. Clark! The Psychopathic Assassin, Cold 187um! And the Heads of Hardcore, WOLFPAC!

      The Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid’s American Psycho Tour Documentary is your chance to see the wild antics of a Psychopathic Records nationwide tour, a fuck ton of performances, and much more! Find it in stores or on hatchetgear.com (on sale the first two weeks) December 11th! And don’t forget about the heavily decked out combo pack!

      Grabs yours December 11th when the American Psycho Tour Documentary hits the streets!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 November 22, 2012


Twiztid's Abominationz Tour
WSG: Potluck, Lil Wyte, & Hed PE
Tickets on twiztid.com

Salt Lake City, UT
Time: 6:00pm.

Denver, CO
Ogden Theatre
Time: 8:00pm.

Farmington, NM
Top Deck
Time: 6:00pm.

Lawrence, KS
Time: 6:00pm.

St. Louis, MO
Time: 6:00pm.

Columbus, OH
Time: 7:00pm.

Pittsburgh, PA
Stage AE
Time: 7:00pm.

Louisville, KY
Time: 7:00pm.

Detroit, MI
St. Andrews
Time: 7:00pm.

New Year’s Evil 5
Tickets on twiztid.com

Cleveland, OH
Time: 7:00pm.

DJ Clay's Juggalo Jumpoff
WSG: Myzery and 2NS
Tickets on dj-clay.com

Chicago Ridge, IL
Bobby McGee's
Time: 11:00PM

Big Ballas X-Mas Party
The Hatchet Family
WSG: Bizarre & King Gordy, Prozak, Zug Izland, Mike E. Clark, & JCW Wrestling
Tickets on ticketmaster.com

Detroit, MI
St. Andrews
Time: 7:00pm.

Killa's Orange & Black
Holiday Jingle Tour
WSG: Ikkurruz, MR.Y.U.G., Str8Jaket, Puppet Master, Bake Lo, Troubled Mindz, Zitro, & Pop'n
Tickets on thehatchetwarrior.com

Wyandotte, MI ,US

ABK's Holiday Blast
Tickets on thehatchetwarrior.com

Cleveland, OH ,US

Reading, PA ,US

Toledo, OH ,US

Blaze Ya Dead Homie's Dead Dayz
Tickets on thedeadmanblaze.com

Denver ,US
The Roxy

Lansing ,US
Macs Bar

Cleveland ,US

Columbus ,US
Alrosa Villa

Hatchet Herald Page 4 November 22, 2012


      As just about everyone knows, the FBI has declared Juggalos to be a gang. It’s the absolute bone. Ninjas all over the world are being negatively affected by this shit even when they’ve done nothing wrong. They are being harassed, discriminated against, even fired and jailed just because they rep the hatchet!

      There might be some Juggalos and Juggalettes out there saying, “It hasn’t happened to me so who cares?” well, WE CARE! And you should, too. Just because you haven’t been affected by this now doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility in the future. If a stand isn’t taken then we’re all just waitin’ for shit to go down.

      That’s why Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records have decided to expand upon the juggalosfightback.com website by adding the brand new Family Forum!

      The Family Forum is a spot where you can sign up with your own username and avatar so you can interact with your fellow ‘Los and ‘Lettes facin’ these very hard times. This is

where those who have been hassled because of the FBI labeling Juggalos as a whole a gang can share their stories firsthand for others to check out.

      Even if you haven’t been affected, it’s important to know what’s happening to your family! Lend an ear, give support, be aware that these stories are very real and the issues Homies worldwide are facing could very well be comin’ to your town next.

      You can hit up juggalosfightback.com now! Signing up for a username is easy and free. Then you can tell us your stories or read the stories of others! Now is the time to be heard, ‘Los and ‘Lettes! Put names and faces to the wrongs that have been happening to our family!

      Let the world know… WE ARE NOT A GANG! WE ARE FAMILY!

Hatchet Herald Page 5 November 22, 2012


      We are putting names and faces to the trials and tribulations the Juggalos and Juggalettes worldwide have been facing because of the FBI declaring our family a gang! If you would like your story featured in the Hatchet Herald go to juggalosfightback.com and share your story!

Salt Lake City, UT

      I learned about the clowns just after the Jeckle Brothers. My lady at the time introduced me and I was hooked. My Brother "Wolf" got into it shortly beforehand. My father on the other hand. My father is the bulk of my story.

      A first councilor in the Mormon (L.D.S.) Church. Seen what his children were listening to and listened to our CDs. Over and over and over again. He knew what the wraith was about before it dropped. He saw the cover and told us "Hard core Ninjas" what the end was going to be about.

      "Listen to the subtext of the lyrics, start at the first joker's card and listen to them in order before you crack the wraith of shang-ri la open." ~Boss Man (Russell)

      We listened, we did as our father asked, I do not know about my

brother, but I. I caught on. He was hooked. He was down. When I went to my first gathering I purchased him a charm. He wore it until about a year ago. I purchased a jersey for Father’s day for him. His only two pieces of merch save the disks.

      Today, Russell, "Boss Man", my father is sitting in the living room in a hospital bed with clear cell carcinoma on several locations of his major organs. The doctors say that he may not make it to the end of the week. He wanted me to share the story. He wanted me to tell the ninjas this.

      "This trial will pass, you all are a family and you know it. do not screw this up, for your fight will be epic. Seek one another for support in your dark times, seek out ninjas that may need help. The music has touched me, I am a better man for knowing the juggalos and the way of life. I am Russell I am "Boss Man" I am a Mormon and I. AM. A. Juggalo. and I. AM. NOT. A. GANG. MEMBER!"

      This is the end of my story for now. I am Puggy. I live in salt lake. And I am not a gang member.

      Peace, Love, Chicken grease! And I got your back ninjas. MMFCL4L!

Kurtis Jones

      Growing up I was bullied and shit probably like most of you guys. I never fit in with anyone until around the 5th grade. I met my first Juggalo Homie then. He introduced me to the music in the 6th grade and I couldn't believe that I had missed it over the years. Then I

started meeting other ninjas and they became the best family outside my biological family. They steered me away from bad shit in high-school, too. For example: Heroin, PCP, LSD, X, Abusing Mary Jane, poppin random pills, drinking illegally... shit that REAL gangs do.

      Now I’m a dude from the south (South Carolina to be exact) so I've always loved guns, cleaning them, shooting them at ranges, hunting that sort of thing just like a regular person. Go out and find me one Crip/Blood/Asian Boys/MS14/Arian Nation/Arian Brotherhood or ANY gang member that would be just like me.

      My point is, my friends and Ninja family kept me out of trouble most kids my age were experimenting with, they pushed me to follow my dream after High-School and that was to join the military. Know what was amazing about that? I deployed in 09, right? Well while I was in Afghanistan I met four... FOUR people I met in High School that were ninja's I lost contact with. Some of them got married, had kids and are very successful outside the military. Now does that REALLY sound like a real gang member to you? Word of the wise everyone, don't judge many for the actions of a few.

Mikey L.

      Man I couldn’t join the fuckin Marine Corp, something that I was wanted to be for as long as I could remember & couldn’t because I got a Hatchetman tattoo & now I'm classified as a gang member just because of the music I listen too!?!

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS November 22, 2012

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