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Hatchet Herald
September 14, 2012
Hallowicked 2012

Twiztid & Cold 187um Hatchet Hook-up

DJ Clay Upcoming Juggalo Jump Off

Jumpsteady Back At Psychopathic

Family Focus


      It’s time to get your haunt on, Homies! We’re gettin’ so close to October and that can mean only one thing. HALLOWICKED! It’s on its fuckin’ way! And this year we’ve got not one, but TWO HUGE WAYS you can get your fix for the wickedest season around.

      First off, there’s the tried and true Hallowicked Show that will be happening Halloween night on Wednesday, October 31st! This year we’re changin’ shit up and moving this huge event to the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI! It’s all ages so that means you can bring the kiddies and their goodies along with you after you get your trick or treat on! Doors will be opening at 7:00PM and the show begins at 8:00PM! Tickets for that are available NOW on hatchetgear.com and tickets.com, but they’re goin’ FAST! If you want in on this action we suggest you get at ‘em now before they’re gone!

      As always with a Hallowicked show, everyone who walks in the door will get a super fresh, ultra exclusive, only to be found at this show CD single containing one track done by the Insane Clown Posse just for this night! FUCKIN’ RARE!

      And if you think for a moment that everything is said and done when the last bottle of Faygo goes flyin’ off the stage then you’re fuckin’ MISTAKEN! After the Hallowicked Show comes to an end we’re goin’ to be movin’ right along to the Hallowicked Afterparty! Come on now! It’s Halloween! You know that shit is goin’ to be partyin’ late into the night!

      Now, if you can’t make it out to that one Hallowicked show, DON’T FLIP OUT! There is actually a full 2012 Hallowicked Tour leading up to the date in Royal Oak, MI! BOOM! Who’s got you covered, mutha fuckaaa?

      The Insane Clown Posse will be hittin’ up FOUR dates in FOUR states before partyin’ down Halloween night. They’re draggin’ the holiday out fuckin’ proper! You’ll be able to catch them on October 25th in Columbus, OH! October 26th in Pittsburgh, PA! October 27th in Milwaukee, WI! And October 28th in Buffalo, NY! Those full dates and details can be found on insaneclownposse.com!

      And because you need a wicked act to preempt such a MASSIVE headliner, the wicked clowns are bringin’ along some intense special guests that old school and new school Juggalos and Juggalettes will all

get down to. It’s none other than ZUG IZLAND! The original kings of wicked shit rock, Zug Izland are going to be opening the show every night of The 2012 Hallowicked tour with the Insane Clown Posse!

      We also have some NEW FLAVOR that has just been added to not only Hallowicked on October 31st, but also to all dates of the 2012 Hallowicked Tour. At all of these shows they will be offering the Hallowicked VIP package! Anyone who wants to participate in the VIP dopeness can simply go onto hatchetgear.com and purchase the package in addition to your show tickets!

      Included with the Hallowicked VIP packages you will get a Hallowicked t-shirt! A meet & greet with the Insane Clown Posse before the show! A commemorative VIP pass! You will also be able to participate in Faygo Armageddon at the very end of the show! To make sure you get your full experience you just want to make sure you’re at the venue an hour and a half before the doors open! It’s all that for only one hundred bones! Peep it out on hatchetgear.com!

      Tickets for all of these shows are available NOW for purchase! Just peep the details below, click the links, grab your tickets, and be ready to celebrate Halloween in true family fashion!


Something topical and fresh Good chance
of everything
tasting like
fuckin' pumpkin!
Volume 13
Issue 62
Flavor...Scroll Down
Even More Flavor...
Keep Scrolling Down

Hatchet Herald Page 2 September 14, 2012


      Everyone should be in the know already but for those who aren’t let us drop some knowledge on you. Both Twiztid and Cold 187um have brand new albums that are set to be released in October! They are both currently available for pre-order on hatchetgear.com and they’re going to be fresh as fuckin’ hell!

      First you have Twiztid’s full length album called Abominationz. This freshness is delvin’ deep into the wicked shit as only the serial killaz can! Every single song is straight devastation at a whole new level! By the end of it you’re goin’ to be sleepin’ with the lights on because it’s such a straight mind fuck!

      Then you’ve got The Psychopathic Assassin, we can only be talkin’ about Cold 187um, AKA Big Hutch! He’s the master of smooth rhymes describin’ hard fuckin’ times and it’s all on lock on this new full length album, his debut on Psychopathic Records, The Only Solution! It’s a deluxe mix tape featuring classic beats you know and love from all the heavy hitters of the Hatchet Family!

      Previously we announced that these two albums were going to have different release dates, but the more we pondered on it somethin’ struck us. With how hard it is to cop a ride to the store and with the way gas prices are soooarin’, we decided that we’re going to make it much easier to snag both these albums at once! Now both albums will be coming out on the same day October 22nd! YEP, CHECK THE DATE! Monday, October 22nd!! Twice the flavor a day early!

      That ain’t all! We’re givin’ an extra large hook-up to the ninjas who scoop both the albums early! All you have to do is have a receipt or receipts proving that you purchased both Twiztid’s Abominationz and Cold 187um’s The Only Solution in the first two weeks of them being available. It doesn’t even have to be on the same receipt (in case a store is sold out of one or the other, shit happens). The receipt(s) of your purchase must be dated from October 22nd to November 5th! Once you have proof that you purchased both albums within the first two weeks of them being available you just send that shit right into us! You will have until November 19th to get it into the Psychopathic Records Headquarters!

      You’re probably askin’ what is the fresh bonus for purchasing both albums within the first two weeks and sending in your receipt? We’re getting to that part, settle the fuck down! In return you will be receiving a limited edition, never to be available in any other way, album that will contain the audio for the Psychopathic Psyphers 1, 2, and 3! It’s goin’ to be pressed up all smooth style and a dope collector’s piece for every ‘Lo and ‘Lette who can get their hands on it!

      As an added bonus for everyone who pre-orders and orders from hatchetgear.com? There’s nothing to send in! If you pre-order both Twiztid’s Abominationz and Cold 187um’s The Only Solution from hatchetgear.com or order them within the first two weeks, you’ll get the same hatchetgear hook-up smooth and easy style!


- Twiztid’s Abominationz & Cold 187um’s The Only Solution available nationwide Monday, October 22nd
- Purchase both albums within the first two weeks for the hook-up (October 22nd – November 5th)
- Your receipt(s) are your proof of purchase and should be sent to the following address:

Hatchet Hook-up
P.O.Box 620
Farmington, MI 48332

- All receipts must be received by November 19th for the hook-up
- The hook-up is a fresh CD containing audio of all three Psychopathic Psyphers and this is the only place you will be able to get it!
- Pre-orders and orders on hatchetgear.com will get the Hatchet Hook-up automatically without having to send anything in.

      There you have it, Homies! Mark that shit on your calendar and get fuckin’ ready! There’s two brand new albums coming out from Psychopathic and you’re going to get hooked the fuck up just by showin’ your family luv!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 September 14, 2012


      Listen up! Listen up! DJ Clay is puttin’ out the call to all the hard partyin’ ‘Los and the sexysmexy ‘Lettes! It’s time for another OFFICIAL JUGGALO JUMPOFF! It’s time to get your party on with the official DJ of Psychopathic Records, DJ CLAY!

      It’s goin’ down on September 28th at Peabody’s (Rockstar) in Cleveland, OH! There is goin’ to be a maaaad amount of flavor poppin’ off all night long to keep you busy! Doors are at 8:00PM! It’s only $10 to get in! And the best part is that all ages are welcome! Bring all your homies down to get your party on Friday night!

      In addition to DJ Clay spinnin’ all night long you’ll also catch performances by King Gordy and Bailz! And for all the ladies 18+ you can take part in a wet t-shirt contest to compete for a dopeload of flavor! Just inquire for entry at wettshirt@dj-clay.com!

      DJ Clay’s Official Juggalo Jump Off simply can’t be fucked with! It’s more than just a show, it’s a PARTY! You get to chill with a bunch of your fellow ‘Los and ‘Lettes! Tip back drinks! And get your swerve on until late into the night!

      Tickets for DJ Clay’s Juggalo Jump Off are available NOW on ticketweb.com! Just hit up dj-clay.com for full details and tickets! Then get ready to party with DJ Clay and the fam! September 28th! Peabody’s (Rockstar) in Cleveland, OH! BE THERE, NINJAS!

Hatchet Herald Page 4 September 14, 2012


      This is one of those events that you simply hope for. You want it to happen so badly that you can really only wait for the stars and moon to align and hold your breath dreamin’ of shit like this to happen. Well, we at Psychopathic Records have been steadily waitin’ and we know the ‘Los and ‘Lettes from all over the planet have been doin’ a lot of the same.

      Now all that patience has paid off. We here at the Hatchet Herald are super fuckin’ proud, massively honored, and absolutely STOKED that we get to announce the return of a Ninja Legend

to the ranks of Psychopathic Records. We can only be talkin’ about one person, the master of the guillotine himself, JUMPSTEADY!

      This move has been in the works for quite some time, but it is only now that it could come to light. After a seven year hiatus of serving the people through other much respected means, Jumpsteady is bringing his irreplaceable knowledge, karma, and heart back to the label that he helped create more than twenty years ago!

      During the early days of Psychopathic Records you had yourself the first five. That consisted of Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Billy Bill, Jumpsteady, and Alex Abbiss. It was through their hard work and dedication that gave all of us somewhere to fit in and we speak very seriously when we say how grateful we are for their sacrifices they made along the way to build this empire brick by brick.

      Jumpsteady was a driving force for thirteen years with Psychopathic Records and in that time he accomplished more than we can even begin to list (but you know we’ll try). Jumpsteady is a Don of Psychopathic Records. He is one of the three creators of The Morton’s List. He is a Hall of Fame JCW Wrestler. The Gathering of the Juggalos was his brain child. He traveled far and wide

to meet with Juggalos and Juggalettes, spreading the karma of Psychopathic and bringing all he got in return to headquarters.

      Jumpsteady put his heart into Psychopathic Records and the Juggalo Family knowing that above all else, the magic to what we have going on here is the immeasurable amounts of luv and dedication that we each possess for you guys and how you give it straight back to us daily on an off the chart scale.

      Although plenty has changed in the last seven years, Family Luv is forever and we proudly welcome Jumpsteady to his place that has always been ready and waiting for his return. This means that you will be seeing and hearing much more from him at events and through various outlets of Psychopathic.

      Give props, pay respect, and get ready to watch a MASTER work.

Hatchet Herald Page 5 September 14, 2012


      We’re sure plenty of ‘Los and ‘Lettes are tunin’ in to Psychopathic Radio every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00PM – 1:00AM EST without fail! We’ve got a wide variety of shows goin’ on featuring various hosts covering all sorts of subjects all streaming LIVE and FREE!

      Blaze Ya Dead Homie had got The Coffin which covers everything going on in the world of sports! Sugar Slam’s Demo Jams is all about playing demos sent in by YOU, the Juggalos and Juggalettes! There’s also Sounds of the D hosted by Doe Dubbla bringin’ you the history of music straight outta Detroit! We can’t even list everythin’ else we got goin’ on! Wolfpac’s Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Hour! Twiztid’s Ashtrays & Action Figures! Violent J’s The Witching Hour! DJ Fillin’s The Fixx! Shit goes on and on!

      Well, we took to facebook.com/insaneclownposse askin’ the ‘Los and ‘Lettes for some insight. If YOU had the chance to have your very own show on psychopathicradio.com what would it be like? What would you call it? What subjects would you cover? Would you have a co-host? Would you be takin’ calls? We wanted all the details!

      As always, y’all came out strong givin’ us your input and tellin’ it how it is. While we don’t have enough room to be able to publish every single reply, we picked out a chunk of our favorites and we’re printing them below. As always, thank you to all the Ninjas who replied!

      Now, without further delay, here’s what sort of line-up we could expect if psychopathicradio.com had a heavy dose of new shows!

- - - - - - - -

Fernando Hernandez: Juggalo News Network. News brought to you... Juggalo style. It'll be like the Colbert Report and The Daily Show maybe mixed with some Onion News Network. AND the other idea is if Violent J and Shaggy2Dope just watched music videos and commented on them. It doesn't have to be just music videos - it can be commercials or movies whatever. It could be called PSYCHOPATHIC THEATER or some shit like that.

Rene Collazo: My funky fresh feature would be called "Diraty Sanchez's Super Dirtay Funky Dope Ill Monster Hour" and i would lace my faygo with acid and spit random nothings into the microphone, i would also have a music request line on the show and not play any of the requests and the only song i would song i would spin is "Danny K- Drugs are Bad" if your sitting at your computer saying "god i wouldnt listen to that" then fuck you cuz you know you are lying my freind.

Jeremiah Cannell: it would be the juggalo jay stoner show! all about how to roll blunts, joints id have all my bongs and bowl and id play some old skool shiiiiiit

Chris Tylicki: I'd do a show called freak out, mostly about all the weird n freaky people and places I could find. Lots of strange ass shit in the world. Maybe interviews with freaks of all sorts and the weirdest dope music I could find.

Chase Thatmoney: Juggalo porn...the stars always wear face paint there is always wicked music playin and it always messed up partners like a huge girl wit a skinny old man or a midget with mike tyson shit like that....tellin you it would make millions :) :)

Nic Servis: a crazy fucking blunt fest! lets just roll a fuck load of blunts with the whole hatchet family and get high as a motherfucker and sit and chat about all the new hatchet news. well see who can roll the fattest l and take it to their face. it will be the fucking most fresh show out there! whoop whoop!

Aaron Ahasteen: I do a show about strippers lives n strippper wives .:) n travle the world n get all there perspectives on the lives they live :) sounds krazy but it jus might work

Dave Krzeminski: Billboard morgue. Revisiting the good shit that was once on top

Akilla Issik: It would be called "the pick apart show" and we would discuss any new artist`s coming out...disect them and there songs and videos...

Kurty V-Lo: The Juggalo Request Line (JRL). call in, u tell me what to show/play, who to have on the show n what to do. leave it up to the viewers to decide. also weekly give-aways n contests.

Harley Webb: a show called Ticks and Stoned. Talk of all stoner moments and the good times yu have had along with the ticks (bullies) and hard time in life. Let everyone learn from your personal experiences.

Jefferiah Ison: Alright get this:Fued or Fuckin Stupid-the synopsis is I go over wrestling fueds old and new and talk about the good [savage vs ultimate warrior] and the baaad [papa shango vs ultimate warrior].guests include my midget sidekick Dink the Clown.we will truly decide if it was a FUED or FUCKIN STUPID!!! Plus I wear different wrestling masks each show.

Travis Bruner: For Sure A Celebrity Roast Format.....Any Chance I can get to call out those fake ass Mutha Fackos I will....Old School hip hop and Pyschopathic Jams ...with a half hour METAL segment Called Riegning Paint...THE FRESHEST!!!!!! #PSYCHOSLINGERS WHOOP WHOOP

Redeye Mike: Marijuana.

Rachael Sue: ALL ABOUT ZOMBIE PREPAREDNESS. that would be my shit all day. Damn. Omg. Demonstrations on how to correctly use firearms by some sexy Los an lettes. Oh. This makes my horrible zombie dream from last night much better. Haha. Shit was REAL I TELL YOU. Whoop whoop lol!!

Joe B-z Burghardt: my show would be "AXE ME ANYTHING" where lo's and lette's could ask anything. ask whats comming next from Psy or why the fuck is the sky blue? who gives a fuck. im sure lo's and lette's got some entertaining questions and im sure the answers will be even better! MMFCL WHOOP WHOOP!

Sherry Deans: cotton candy and popsicles porn review… self explanatory

Mike Greenwood: It should be about gun show called GHETTO BLASTERS. about custom guns, gun news and related topics mixed in wit sum dope ass music...

Stephanie Traver: I was thinkin an oldschool vs new show would be kinda cool.... and it seems there's a lot of fam tha is also into metal... A show for juggalo-picked metal would be interesting

Brandon Colclaser: Show name spidy the clowns super fresh super hero show talking about the best in comic books and graphic novels with a zombie apocalypse twist whoop whoop also fresh lette of the week and kill that artist

Shawn Mckown: Fat naked guy eating Cheetos while reviewing 70's porn while taking live calls

Kenny D Eichenberg: Im fat as hell so I guess it would be about food and Drinking, I cook so I would be giving out badass recipes, Clown Kitchen

Nicole R. Swann: Welcome to Family Freshness, discussing everything from the FBI Gang List and the complications, injustice and prejudice involved, to real life Lo's and Lette's with real life stories, and how the family has helped them to overcome the bad shit. Different topics every week, different guests, different callers, different stories, helping the fam get to know each other, giving each other advice and love from the very farthest reaches of this dirtball to your living rooms.

Chester A. Arthritus: I would be Juggalo Pumkin Mufucka, and Id be bringing old(and) new videogame freshness each week. Wed be talkin bout them Marios, Mufuckin CoDs, Mufuckin Ninja Gaidens, Skyrims, Sonics, Space Invaders, ALL that freshness for real. It would be called Pumkins Mufuckin Playtime Up in This Bitch, full title. Also Id find a way to work big titties in there.

Micah Baiz: "welcome Juggalos and Lettes and Vets worldwide! This is the Juggalo heroes hour bringing you the Psycho news from a soldiers point of view!" (moment of silence while Revelry plays... Retreat at the end of broadcast) emails, tweets, comments and whatnot from military ninjas or shout outs to family of the Family around the world. Funny, serious, sad, drunk, naked... Whatever the uniformed haps, we'd talk about it. Plus Juggalo drinking games for those of age. :)

Jocelyn Sailas: Hatchet Man of da week; stories all about ninjas standing up for the fam and letting the fam vote for the top juggalo of the week or something based on what they did and stuff

Stephen Burton: Old skool playback. It would be all about old original hiphop music. The history, the impact it made on people, and all the shit they went through to get to the point there at today. And have people vote to see who still listens to the most, and least music and artist. Just keepin an open mind of all old school history itself.

Nick 'Jesus' Ware: Big B-Movie Blast where we'd talk about B-Movies old and new, the good ones, the bad ones and the ones to stay away from with music from all kinds of different artists/soundtracks

Shaune Vanhuizen: I'm a paranormal investigator I'd a based it on the paranormal and how It pertains to psychopatic and talk about all thing ghost,dead and monsters

Timm Yohe: Title, Greasy and Cheesy. Tag line, "it's about to get sweaty in here y'all". Subject, fat kid fast food review. I'd discuss living the extra extra extra large life, one drive thru at a time.

Josh Denault: The name would be clownin around. We would show videos of pranks and tricks being played on people all night

Lauren AndJosh Thacker: Id have a show called WiCkEd KiTcHeN! Im a chef and been dwtc since I was like 6 and my show would teach all my los and lettes how to cook awesome food. Everything from badass munchie snacks to five course dinners a lette could could for a nice night with her lo...cuz every muthafacko can cook :) mmfwcl whoop whoop!

Matt Pesina: I would call my show "Real Shit Talk Wrestling". Have a straight up, real , uncensored talk on any and all wrestling organizations. I would allow anyone and everyone to talk about whos their fav wrestler who they hate the most. What changes would needed to any wrestling show out there. Trivia, comedy, music, voiced opinions, i think this show would do good. I wouldnt run out of things to talk about so everyones attention wouldnt stray too much haha.

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS September 14, 2012

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