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Hatchet Herald
August 31, 2012
2012 Hallowicked
Tickets On Sale

Pre-order Twiztid's

Cold 187um's
The Only Solution

PsyRadio Schedule
for September

Family Focus: The
Mighty Death Pop


      Itís the most wonderful time of the yeeeear! NO. NOT CHRISTMAS. Fuck that Skanta Claws bullshit! Weíre talkiní about FALL and weíre talkiní about HALLOWEEN which can only mean ONE. FUCKIN. THING. Hallowicked in the house, bitchez!

      Hallowicked is when Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope gather up the ĎLos and ĎLettes to celebrate the fuck out of the wickedest damn holiday there is. HALLOWEEN! When the fam can dress up however the fuck they want! Don your costumes, yíall! This is when Juggalos can deck themselves out like real Ninjas and Juggalettes can be sexy kittens, sexy nurses, or just sexy sexy in general!

      This year Hallowicked is happening Halloween Night (DUH) Wednesday, October 31, at The Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI! Itís an all ages events! Doors will be opening at 7:00PM EST! The show starts at 8:00PM EST! Tickets are available NOW on tickets.com as well at hatchetgear.com!

      For anyone who hasnít been to one the Insane Clown Posseís infamous HallowickedsÖ what are you doing!? 2012 marks the 19th annual Hallowicked and these concerts are fuckiní flawless from the start!

      First off, look at that venue. LOOK AT IT! The Royal Oak Music Theatre. For the first time in almost a decade the wicked clowns are switchiní up the venue of Hallowicked! While itís usually nestled in the heart of Detroit at The Fillmore, theyíre changing it the fuck up by takiní it to Royal Oak! Have you ever been to this venue? Itís fresh as fuck! Itís got that up close and personal feel ĎLos and ĎLettes LUV at an ICP show! Super old school!

      Skip ahead to when your ass actually makes it into the door of the venue! Right off the bat youíre going to be handed an exclusive single only passed out to those who attend Hallowicked! FREE! Everyone in the door gets one! Itís a CD with one

track by the Insane Clown posse created specifically for everyone cominí out to celebrate with them at this Hallowicked!

      Thatís all cool as shit, but itís when you actually get in front of that stage when everything hits you hard. The lights! The sounds! The family fuckiní luv in the air! All of it seems to be cranked over the fuckiní top for such a big night!

      Thereís goiní to be ĎLos and ĎLettes all over the stage! Massive openers and wig flippiní entertainment, but itís all building up to the Insane Clown Posse hitting the stage! This is the first Hallowicked of the era of The Mighty Death Pop so you KNOW itís going to live up to all expectations then blaze right past them!

      When the last bottle of Faygo has gone whizziní through the air and the curtains have closed on the ICP set, SHIT AINíT CLOSE TO BEING DONE! Thatís when everyone moves their asses to the next stopÖ the Hallowicked Afterparty!

      While details are still being worked out for the Hallowicked Afterparty, Hallowicked itself is set in fuckiní stone. Tickets for Hallowicked are actually on sale RIGHT NOW! Weíre goiní to give everyone a massive heads up. Hallowicked sells out EVERY YEAR! People come from all over the country to peep the freshness and this year will be no different.

      If you want to hit up the 2012 Hallowicked we suggest you grab your tickets with a quickness! Theyíre going to fly! Tickets are available on tickets.com as well as hatchetgear.com! For more details on Hallowicked and the Hallowicked Afterparty as they arise, keep your eyes on insaneclownposse.com and and the Hatchet Herald!



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Hatchet Herald Page 2 August 31, 2012


      Huge news, Ninjas! The demented duo have blindsided us with a huge hit of flavor sure to make your weekend POP right the fuck off! Itís got to do with their latest full length studio album, Abominationz, which is set to be released worldwide on October 23rd, 2012. The freshness? Itís available for pre-order on hatchetgear.com RIGHT. FUCKIN. NOW!

      Thatís right! If you wanna be the first killa on the block with this shit bumpiní in your boombox then this is your chance! You can pre-order that shit on hatchetgear.com and have it waitiní on your doorstep the day it drops! In addition to this massive news weíve also got all the details you want and need about the album itself! Peep it out!

      Twiztidís Abominationz is going to come in two hella awesome versions. You got yourself the MADROX VERSION and you got yourself the MONOXIDE VERSION! Each version of the album will come with a SWEET fuckiní cover featuring one of the demented duo themselves.

      And once you slip that sweet fuckiní o-card off? Youíll be faced with another jaw dropping cover that is currently being held under lock and key! You think youíve seen that shit before? NOPE. LOCKDOWN. The cover wonít be revealed until the moons have properly aligned and the universe is able to handle something so powerful.

      Also varying on the Madrox and Monoxide versions of the album are the very last bonus songs! On the Madrox version of Abominationz itís going to be heavily playiní up the multiple man himself. And likewise, on the Monoxide version itís a heavy dose of the chainsmoker!

      But that ainít even close to being all that you get with the brand new Abominationz album! You might remember back in the day with the W.I.C.K.E.D album how you could collection Dark Carnival Trading Cards 1-10. It was dope, right?

      Well the Dark Carnival Trading Cards are fuckiní back! This time youíre on the hunt for cards 11-20 which feature all new characters, descriptions, and possibilities! These cards have been fuckiní UPGRADED to full color and are NEEDED when it comes to completing your set.

      Each album will contain ONE random card. This card could be any of the set between 11-20. Not only are you collectors tryiní to get your hands on as many as you can,

but you might get a BONUS hook-up if you manage to find the AUTOGRAPHED DARK CARNIVAL TRADING CARDS!

      The numbers on these autographed cards are LIMITED and with people searching for them worldwide it makes getting one that much cooler! Search for the autographs! Itís like a golden ticket for serial killaz!

      Also, while we canít give away who and what are featured on every single card, we can tell you about the HARDEST TO FIND card in this collection. Itís the PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS FAMILY card. Thatís all we can say! Let the speculation begin!

      Thereís one last hit of the hook-up that Twiztid and hatchetgear.com are offering out to the ĎLos and ĎLettes! If you head over to hatchetgear.com youíll see that while you can order the Madrox Version and the Monoxide Version of Abominationz separately, the way to go is the COMBO PACK! That gives you BOTH versions of the album at one LOWER PRICE, with BOTH devastating covers, BOTH bonus tracks, and TWO random Dark Carnival Trading Cards!

      But no matter if you buy the albums separate or together in the combo pack, every pre-order of Twiztidís Abominationz will receive an EXCLUSIVE never before seen blacklight poster! Who treats you good!? TWIZTID, MUTHA FACKOS!

      To pre-order Twiztidís Abominationz before it drops worldwide on October 23rd head over to hatchetgear.com! And for even more details about the demented duo, Abominationz, and more check out twiztid.com!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 August 31, 2012

COLD 187UM's

      Show some mutha fuckiní RESPECT. Itís Cold 187um AKA Big Hutch of Above The Law cominí your way. Around The Hatchet? We call him the Psychopathic Assassin! When weíve got a job that canít be handled by the usual means of a few axe chops, this is the man we call in. Heís got deadly precision and when he gets you in his sights, itís all over! Not that youíll ever know with the silencer in place. Pap! Pap!

      His new album is called The Only Solution and we couldnít find a name

more fitting. When it comes down to it, sometimes the methods of Cold 187um are the only solution to any sort of problems that arise around Psychopathic Records. This album drops on October 9th, itís unlike anything youíve heard before, and it's available for pre-order on hatchetgear.com TODAY! As an added bonus, when you pre-order Cold 187um's album from hatchetgear.com, you will get hooked up with a fresh EXCLUSIVE bandana so you can rep the Psychopathic assassin!

      This album is being called a deluxe mix tape, but itís hella more than that! The music on this CD? Fuckiní classics! Not just any classics. Psychopathic classics! Theyíve taken tracks from the heavy hitters of Psychopathic Records, shit you know and love, and they've made them the back drop of some of the hottest verses this side of the D! Itís got beats from ICP! Twiztid! Dark Lotus! Straight noggin bobbers!

      When the album opens, itís straight from the point of view of Cold 187um. A huge stretching story that lasts one hour goiní about the business of the Psychopathic Assassin. As if that werenít enough, theyíve included some extra large funky fresh dopeness in this album!

      Weíre talkiní about a comic book! Every fuckiní hero has gotta

have a comic book. You think itís weird to have an assassin as a hero? What the fuck ever! Who wants to read about that Superman bullshit when you can read about bitch ass mutha fuckers gettiní whatís cominí to em! This comic book will follow the story of the album from beginning to end, page after page depicting everything youíre hearing on the record. Itís an audio visual experience, homies!

      This album is primed and ready to hit on October 9th, but if you want to make sure you got that shit on lock pre-order it from hatchetgear.com! Itís the debut album of Cold 187um on Psychopathic Records and the anticipation is growiní by the day! What do you get when you take the crazy tight talent of this rap master and pair it with the sickest beats from Psychopathic Records? PURE UNADULTERATED FRESHNESS! Find out for yourself and pre-order Cold 187um's The Only Solution now on hatchetgear.com!!

Hatchet Herald Page 4 August 31, 2012


      Tomorrow is September 1st! That means itís time for us to drop the full Psychopathic Radio schedule for the month on dat ass! Itís another HUGE month packed full of flavorful shows, special guests, hilarity, music, and madness! Everything you would expect from Psychopathic Radio plus MUCH MORE!

      Letís rock the recap right quick for anyone not in the know. Psychopathic Radio is a FREE and LIVE streaming audio/visual spectacular that happens every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00PM Ė 1:00AM EST. FOR JUGGALOS, BY JUGGALOS.

      Your favorite artists and homies of Psychopathic Records will be takiní over the radio airwaves with their very own shows that revolve around music, talk, videos, and much more! The perk of tuning in live is that you can call in to (248)306-5616 and talk directly to the artists and

September 4 | 9pm - 1am
The Funhouse
Hosted by Upchuck the Clown

September 6 | 9pm - 1am
Sounds of the D
Hosted by Doe Dubbla

September 11 | 9pm - 1am
Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Hour
Hosted by Wolfpac

September 13 | 9pm - 1am
Sugar Slams Demo Jamz
Hosted by Sugar Slam & Kuma

September 18 |9pm - 11pm
The Coffin
Hosted by Blaze Ya Dead

their guests on air. Or hit up the chatroom right on psychopathicradio.com to get your talk on with your fellow CHATTALOS!

      Can't watch live? Every episode is archived on psychopathicradio.com for you to peep whenever is convenient for you! Or watch episodes you've seen all over again!

      Peep the schedule, write it down, and get ready for a good time right from the comfort of your own home! Psychopathic Radio! The only radio station that matters!

September 18 |11pm - 1am
The Funhouse
Hosted by Upchuck the Clown

September 20 | 9pm - 1am
Sounds of the D
Hosted by Doe Dubbla

September 25 | 9pm - 1am
Faygoluvers Anonymous
Hosted by Big Ian

September 27 | 9pm - 11pm
The Fixx
Hosted by DJ Fillin

September 27 | 11pm - 1am
Hosted by Origix & D.C.

Hatchet Herald Page 5 August 31, 2012


      The Mighty Death Pop has hit the Earf and itís leaviní its fuckiní bootprint on the planet! In honor of this brand new era, we took to facebook.com/insaneclownposse and hit yíall up for some down and dirty details!

      We wanted to know anything and everything about your take on the Mighty Death Pop era! What are your favorite songs off all four of the albums? What tracks are you fuckiní DYINí to see performed live by Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope? You know the wicked clowns have always got the freshest music videos coming out of the Psychopathic Records video department, so what videos would YOU like to see?

      ĎLos and ĎLettes came out in mass numbers to drop their opinions. Sadly, we donít have enough room to print the HUNDREDS of replies we got. But here are some of our faves that really stood out!

      As always, much luv and thank you to everyone who wrote in! Without further ado here is YOUR take on the era of The Mighty Death Pop!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Skawty Blaze: Chris Benoit is probably my favorite song whether its bout a murderer as some see or the man who fell from grace and truly lost control of himself as others would see! Especially cuz it relates to other celebrities who lost it in the end!

Lucas Lamoreaux: dudes... Iím sorry to say that Iím still deployed and canít get that shit nor can I listen to music online out here cuz the internet sucks. I can barely use Facebook. So for me, the best part is knowing that us wicked clowns are still down forever and that the carnival is still going. You guys keep me going. Eleven months and Iím back in MI, Faygo in hand, on top of a Walmart with a fucking blunt, representing the hatchet. Much love, whoop whoop.

Anthony Draper: I can't wait to see Juggalo Juice live! Itís an instant ninja classic and I want a Bazooka Joey music video. Ooh yeah Where's God in person will be the shit MMFCL!!! Family!

Zac Vance: I'm loving the message of MDP! Don't fuck around and take your life for granted because that shit could be gone in a flash. And then ghetto rainbows is icing on the cake. Even in the ghetto there's a rainbow, there's always a silver lining in every situation, something to stop and appreciate, if only for a second. As for music videos, let's see a video for state of shock! Lol

Lucinda Higginbotham: I liked how the album has a little bit of everything on it. Everything I like about ICP, the humor, the beats, the content and definitely the more spiritual role you guys have taken as you've aged over time. There is no shame in growing older and wiser. My personal favorites were The Blasta and Juggalo Juice. I am definitely going to accept "Skreem!" as a challenge for my fast rap skillz, and to answer your question about, "Where's God?" God is in all of us, and he can only do what we as humans allow him to do through us. That's why when we see things like that happening, we have to do what God compels us to do and take a stand for the week and less fortunate. Love the album, and still listening.

George Formaggio: Honestly, "Forever" is the most refreshing thing I've heard from yall in a LONG time...it's kinda like this era's "Let's Go All The Way"! :D Much clown love, family.

Cody Brooks: I would love to see a Night of the chainsaw music video, and I would also love to hear it live! I'm also really feelin' Dog Catchers!

Reanna Green: I love this album! Any of the songs on it would make great videos because each one you can visualize just from the listening to the song itself! I don't think I couldn't even guess which one you guys choose to do next! Anyone of them is going to be fucking awesome! I can honestly say I can't choose a single song or flavor that I like best I bought all three within a week of it coming out! I LOVE THEM ALL! Whoop whoop

Phil Boos: WHOOP!! WHOOP!! The Mighty Death Pop! Is fucking fresh J and Shaggy never disappoint. I love the fucking album every track is dope. I would like to see a music video to either, Bazooka Joey, Juggalo Juice, Hater her to death,Night Of the Chainsaw, forever, or Ghetto Rainbows. I would love to hear mostly every song live and I hope I do. When I'm Clownin and Skreem would be those energy packed feeling to get us juggalos all wild up. No matter what anyone says this Album was the Wickid shit. Make sure the tour comes to Minneapolis!!! Much Muthafukin Wickid Clown Love!!

Rick Chibs Garmaker: I think where's god would be a perfect video. It's straight talk that can connect with a lot of people. On the next tour they should add bazooka Joey and shooting stars to the set list for sure.

Matthew Rogers: I want to see a video for Bazooka Joey that shit would be fucking EPIC! Just give shaggz a god damn bazooka and let him fuck shit up! Forever I think would be a pretty fresh video as well that of course and Juggalo Juice. Whoop Whoop!

Hayley Bettilyon: When I first played MDP I thought it was so good, I was seriously shaking. I couldnít even fucking think straight, all I knew was it was amazing and I didnít expect anything less. I wanna hear The Blasta live! That shit would be so fun to jam out with my fellow los and lettes. Daisies and Forever make me so happy. And a song that really sticks out to me is Lost In The Music from White Pop. So different for the clowns but at the same time that song could be on Jeckle Bros! Iím loving this era, just like every other era - they just always get fresher. MMFWCL4E

Zach Hamilton: Been down since 93, and ALWAYS claimed Riddlebox as my fave, but MDP + bonus discs is my new favorite!!! I like em all, but would like to see more done with "The Blasta", "Bazooka Joey", "Juggalo Juice", and "Bitch Betta Have my money".

Kelsey John Keegan: Bazooka joey video all day that shit would be fresh I'm loving scrubstitute teachers. Indestructible is a classic I love all the great collaborations too whoop whoop mcl ninjas keep it wicked keep it real keep the love.

Matthew Saice: For a video id say Hate Her to Death and Wheres God. It would be fresh as fukk if u did a bonus video with the outtakes of the Mighty Death Pop.! The whole album was incredible tho another fresh video would be from Red Pop track 11 Love For Dem Gangstas. One of my favorites. Lovin all the new shit fam keep it comin.! PSYCHOPATHIC TIL THE END.! WHOOP WHOOP.!!

Brian Puentes: Ghetto rainbows, forever , shit the whole album CD set was fn fresh, wicked clowns you schooled it mec schooled it you get better and better if people don't like the new sound it's like shaggy says there stuck on play and can't rewind , don't get popped!!!!!

Danny Darko: Fav trx I LOVE EM ALL ! but if I had to pick a fav 1 I would have 2 well its a toss up tween Skreeeem with Hop n Tech then whereís god . as 4 the music videos Night of the chainsaw or Shout from the white pop emporium bonus disc .

What I want to see live? Any song really they are all fresh as fuck like titties gettin slapped in ya face ! MCL Down with the clowns 4 Life n ALWAYS HAtchet Rydn NEVER Droppin !

Scott Stewart: The mighty death pop is a wicked addition to the joker cards and the whole new era of joker cards is incredible it gives me and other juggalos and juggalettes who didn't get to see the old ones as they came out when they were fresh, a chance to experience the new ones like that. All the songs are awesome bazooka Joey, I'm clowning, getto rainbows, and juggalo juice would all make good music videos and where's god and forever would be the shit live. 2whoops mmfwcl

Robert Wells: the mighty death pop is pure greatness and is by far a new classic that we all will be talking about. the night of the chainsaw, Bazooka Joey, shooting stars and hate her to death are my top favorites off it. this record was defiantly hard hitting and truly hit album of the year hands down, if #4 on billboards 200 doesnt say anything then i dont know what will.

Caleb Daniel: Brugh i was not going to buy it but two weeks ago i did and the new kmk and it was worth every cent! deff better then bang pow boom but dont get me wrong, thats a good album too, but this is my shit alll the way through whoop whoop

Les Barker: I luv the new album. I bought it on itunes cuz all the record stores closed down. It's Tha shyt. I've been a juggalo since boarding school days.when my town never even heard of that. I was repping n getting hated on since I came home whoop whoop muthafakoz

Pamela Butcher: With time comes change, some are scared of it. The old school music is and will always be CLASSICS! However I embrace change! I love the new shizz ICP is doing and Mighty Death Pop shows of many characters of different kinds. Ghetto Rainbows will forever remind me of the double rainbow at the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2012! There are MANY great songs on the new album. Juggalo Juice would be an epic live performance along with When im Clownin. A nice chill song for a video would be Forever! MCL

John Matthew: The Mighty Death Pop is extra special for me because it dropped at the first Gathering I ever attended. It instantly spoke right to my heart and Forever is definitely my favorite track on it. This album straight up tells you exactly how to live if you wanna have a happy and fun existence on this planet. I would definitely love to see Hate Her to Death live, it's just full of so much emotion and I think J would love performing it much like he enjoys rockin Truly Alone up on stage. Bazooka Joey would be great as well to see Shaggs kill that shit! Daises would be a fresh video to see as we could witness this ruined ass land get turned into a lush jungle starting with this one little daisy. The era of the Mighty Death Pop has me filled with so much shine and karma, I love my familyyyyyyyyy! MCL

Nate Juggaloninja Metcalf: Night of the chainsaw is fucking dope would make a sick video or bazooka joey is another track I would love to see a video for. over all the three bonus discs are fresh as fuck and the collaboration with swollen members was a fucking blessing seeing as I'm a JUGGALO and a BATTLE AXE WARRIOR so thank you to both icp and swollen members

Jake Kroes: The Mighty Death Pop was amazing. It had that old school feel, like from one of the original 6. Music videos ; I hope ICP does Where's God, Daises, The Blasta, & Night Of The Chainsaw. All together, I fell completely in love with this album, alot better than BangPowBoom. MCL from Canada!

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS August 31, 2012

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