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Hatchet Herald
January 13, 2012


JCW SHOW 02/24






      Psychopathic Records has gotten a brand new addition in the studio, Juggalos and Juggalettes, and we here at The Hatchet Herald were lucky enough to get a chance for a one on one conversation with him. He's Joe Strange.

      From the moment we first stepped foot into the Lotus Pod with Joe Strange you could tell he was a laid back guy. He said he was ready and willing to tell us anything we wanted to know to be able to pass along to the Juggalos. For him, nothing was off limits.

      We decided to start from the very beginning, When he felt the calling of music in his life. He explained that his family had always been interested in music and everyone was really supportive of using music as an outlet. Considering they lived out in the boondocks there was little else going on and they had to focus on what they had.

      From there it progressed to his brother, Mike, who was always in the studio dragging Joe along with him for the ride. From the young age of six and seven he said he could remember being in the studio and watching his brother work for hours on end.

      From there music had always been a pivotal part of Joe Strange’s life. As he got older his view on music and creating it expanded and even in 1994 he became the member of a death metal band. Though, when he moved out onto his own playing the drums proved to be a problem, mostly for his neighbors. After getting evicted from a few places, that was when Joe made the shift towards recording and making music with the help of headphones.

      It was in 2002 when Joe was interning as a writer as well as for music licensing that his relationship with music and what he was creating shifted. Best described in his own words he said, “That was the point where I was like I’m not just an engineer. They want to use me for other things. They could sell my music. I want to make a career out of this instead of it just being something I want to do.”

      Joe’s big break came in 2007. His brother had called him saying that Marshall Mathers, Eminem, was leaving his longtime studio and needed a brand new one built from the ground up. So, Joe took on the job as a temporary position. At the same time he was working in the field of electronic repairs, but his employer agreed to give him three weeks off to build the studio.

      The project of building Eminem’s new studio took six weeks instead. Once the job was finished Joe Strange went back to his employer to get his job back but was told it was no longer his. He lost it because his leave of absence went over the allotted three weeks.

      “So at that point it was scary.” Joe recalled about the studio job being finished and having nothing else to fall back on. But it was through the connections he made while building the studio and hitting it off with the people there that he received a call a few days later offering him a full time position in Eminem’s studio.

      From there he worked with Eminem for five years. In that time he worked with countless creative powerhouses in the music industry including Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Jim Johnson, Nikki Minaj, Emile, Yellawolf, Alex The Kid, and many more!

      The effort wasn’t wasted because in that time Joe won a Grammy for best rap album in 2011 for Eminem’s Recovery. This is considered top tier in the record industry but when pressed about his win Joe Strange waved it off. “I’m living out this dream. Working with all the people I want to work with. It’s not about status for me. I won a Grammy and I don’t care. I’ll turn that into a fuckin’ water bong.”

      It was that sort of talent and attitude that caught the attention of the Insane Clown Posse. Running off the high of a massive year in 2011 the Insane Clown Posse decided that they were going to extend an offer to Joe Strange to come to their studio and record with them. Hatchet History was absolutely made when Joe Strange accepted the offer and made the shift from Shady Records to Psychopathic Records.

      It was a jaw dropping move, but when you talk to Joe about it you realize that he’s 100% in the business of making music for the love of the game. He’s in it for the cause and although to many the leap might seems odd, when Joe explains it the pieces fall into place.

      “I’m a Michigan boy. Before there was Eminem it was ICP. That was our hometown rap group. I remember hearing Carnival of Carnage in one of my friend’s basements and just being shocked because I grew up listening to metal and I never heard rap music aside from Beastie Boys. That blew me back! Like I couldn’t believe they were saying all of that shit! And as the years progressed it was Ringmaster, Terror Wheel, Riddlebox. I listened to them for years as did everyone in my little town. This is where they got big first and we were part of it. We loved ICP.”

      So, Joe’s roots in the wicked shit run strong and deep from back in the day. But turning an eye to the future we wanted to know what his plans were now that he was locked in at Psychopathic Records. “What’s cool is I get to take everything I’ve learned in a higher part of the recording industry and use it here [at Psychopathic Records]. I want to take the artists to the next level. Twiztid, Blaze, ICP, everyone. Joining the likes of Mike E. Clark in the studio. I’m here to continue to learn and continue to grow and make new relationships and make new friends and do what I do.”

      The future of Psychopathic Records is lookin’ mighty bright, Juggalos and Juggalettes. Much luv goes out to Joe Strange and we look forward to hearin’ what he brings into the Lotus Pod!

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Hatchet Herald Page 2 January 13, 2012


      We know that everyone has been steadily plowin’ through the start of 2012, but we can’t help reflectin’ back on the massive fuckin’ way the Insane Clown Posse rang in the New Year! It was a nonstop party all night long!

      They had a shit ton of special guests! Wrestling was in full effect! And the entire night was finished off by a surprise performance by the Insane Clown Posse. If you weren’t in the building, it’s official, you missed out.

      But you’re in luck, ‘Los and ‘Lettes! We have gotten the official word that the Insane Clown Posse’s New Year’s Eve Ninja Party will be comin’ at you on DVD! Everything from start to finish is being edited together by the elite Ninjas of the Psychopathic Records Video Department and sooner than you could ever imagine that DVD will be in your hands!

      How soon are we talking? How does TUESDAY, MARCH 20th sound to you!? On March 20th the epic flavor of the New Year’s Eve Ninja Party will be available in stores nationwide for you to scoop.

      You read that right! Although this DVD will, of course, be available on hatchetgear.com , that won’t be the only place you can pick it up! It will be out retail outlets all over

so you can stroll in, throw down your cash, and have your shit in hand right then and there!

      What sort of devastation can you expect from the Insane Clown Posse New Year’s Eve Ninja Party DVD? It will contain SIX full JCW wrestling matches with the main event of 2 Tuff Tony paired with Shockwave the Robot versus The Headbangers!

      It’ll have DJ Clay spinning all night long to keep that Psychopathic Party atmosphere poppin’ off! It a massive performance by Blaze Ya Dead Homie and more! The countdown to midnight followed by a THRILLING set by Michael Jackson! And a grand finale show from the Insane Clown Posse!

      It’s all of that and more packed onto one stellar DVD and watch until your heart gives out! You’ll be able to grab that DVD Tuesday, March 20th on hatchetgear.com and at stores nationwide! Stay tuned to insaneclownposse.com for more details!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 January 13, 2012


      We’re puttin’ our money down on it now, Juggalos and Juggalettes! 2012 is goin’ to be the year of Juggalo Championship Wrestling and already out the gate they’re goin’ to bring it hard!

      On Friday, February 24th JCW is bringin’ the biggest and baddest mutha fackos in the game to Pop’s Night Club in Sauget, IL for JCW PRESENTS: THE CROWNING OF A CHAMPION!! That’s right, it’s the first fuckin’ JCW show of the year and you know they’re goin’ to start shit off right!

      Why is it called The Crown Of A Champion, you ask? Because with the previous JCW Champion, Corporal Robinson, retiring the JCW belt due to harrowing medical issues JCW needs a new champ! This show will feature a massive tournament to find the next champion of the Juggalos and Juggalettes worldwide!

      And to match the madness goin’ down in the ring they’re goin’ to have not one, but TWO big performances hittin’ the stage! You’ll be seein’ the likes of The Garcia

Brothers, AMB! And The Hatchet Warrior, ABK!

      The doors on this all ages event will be opening at 7:00PM with the show starting at 8:00PM! The best part about this shit? Tickets are only $15 in advance! Where else can you find this much entertainment for less than a twenty spot? NO-FUCKIN’-WHERE!

      And for all you Ninjas who aren’t local, have no fear! JCW PRESENTS: THE CROWNING OF A CHAMPION will be available live on psychopathiclive.com! That’s the top spot for Psychopathic and JCW internet pay-per-views so you can party down with the fam even if you’re not directly in the buildin’! And it's only $5!! Once again JCW on pychopathiclive.com is gettin' LIVE FOR FIVE!

      For even more details keep checking out the JCW hotline at 313-483-0949 and juggalowrestling.com!

Hatchet Herald Page 4 January 13, 2012


      We’ve been tellin’ you guys all about the debut of Psychopathic Radio and it has officially hit! Psychopathicradio.com is live and goin’ fuckin’ strong as hell!

      They have just finished out their second week and f’real, we here at Psychopathic Records couldn’t be happier. We know that WFuckOff





Radio was the staple of every Juggalo and Juggalette’s week, but this is some new whole other level shit! We Feel we are really steppin’ up our game when it comes to bringin’ this visual and audio flavor to you Ninjas!

      Now, that’s not to say there haven’t been a few bugs. Our main problem? Psychopathicradio.com is so fuckin’ popular that Juggalos and Juggalettes came out in such high numbers that they knocked out servers out… TWICE! These issues along with all others are being addressed with a quickness by our radio crew. It’s somethin’ brand fuckin’ new and when it comes down to it? The only place to go from here is up!

      We’ve had a lot of dope fuckin’ shows on air so far, too. Twiztid kicked things off right with record breaking numbers from Ashtrays & Action Figures! Upchuck The Clown had everyone laughin’ their asses off on The Funhouse! Blaze Ya Dead Homie schooled the fuck outta Ninjas on sports during The Coffin (Sandusky interview, anyone?)! And Prozak rounded out the week with The Paranormal Activity Show!



      This week we had Shaggy 2 Dope and DJ Clay bringin’ whatever they fuck they wanted to on the airwaves with their show ThaFukEva! It was another informative episode from The Fixx hosted by DJ Fillin! And ABK blew Thursday night away with his four hour extravaganza episode of The Warpath!

      This is just the beginnin’, y’all! Psychopathicradio.com is buildin’ up steam and there ain’t nothin’ going to get in the way! Be there every Tuesday and Thursday from 9PM EST to 1AM EST on psychopathicradio.com so you aren’t out of the fuckin’ loop! Peep the full schedule below.

      Psychopathicradio.com! The only radio station that matters! TUNE IN!




11 TO 1

Hatchet Herald Page 5 January 13, 2012


      Ain’t no party like a fuckin’ Psychopathic Records or Hatchet House party and for all you lucky ‘Los and ‘Lettes we’ve got TWO SHOWS comin’ up with a quickness for you to check out!

      First up on Saturday, February 4th, DJ Clay is tossin’ a Juggalo Jumpoff! These parties are always off the hook and a great time for the entire fam!

      It’ll be going down at Rockstar, located above Peabody’s, in Cleveland, OH with doors opening at 8:00PM! It’s an all ages show with DJ Clay spinnin’ all night long to make sure the party don’t stop! There will be performances by Prozak and ABMB! The Juggalo themed drinks will be pourin’ all night long! And there will be a fuck ton of more surprises goin’ on throughout the evening!

      Tickets for DJ Clay’s Juggalo Jumpoff are on sale NOW at ticketweb.com! Check out dj-clay.com for

February 4, 2012
Rockstar (Above Peabody's)
2045 East 21st St.
Cleveland, OH 44115
All Ages Welcome
Doors: 8:00PM

details or go straight to ticketweb.com to get your tickets!

      The next show we have goin’ on it The Hatchet Warrior, ABK, will be hittin’ the stage LIVE in Toledo, OH! On Friday, January 17th at Frankies doors will be opening at 7:00PM for this all ages show! Not only will you see ABK throwin’ down his usual Native Funk flair but you’ll also see the Smokehouse Junkiez tearin’ up the stage!

      Tickets are available NOW on ticketmaster.com! Check out thehatchetwarrior.com for more details or bounce straight to ticketmaster.com to get your tickets!

February 17, 2012
308 S Main St.
Toledo, OH 43601
All Ages Welcome
Doors: 7:00PM

Hatchet Herald Page 6 January 13, 2012


      We know all the Juggalos and Juggalettes out there are movie buffs, but we ain’t talkin’ about some Jason Vorheez shit when we say Friday the 13th.

      We’re talkin’ about today! It’s officially Friday the 13th! A day that has the power to strike fear into even the most stable of Ninjas!

      It’s just a fact, some people are all about superstitions and tricks of the trade to bring them a lil’ extra luck. We turned to the ‘Los and ‘Lettes this week to ask what sort of superstitions you have. What brings you bad luck? What brings you good luck? Do you even believe in that shit!?

      We got a lot of stories sent in and we thank each and every one of you. Below is just a small batch of them. Give ‘em an read and enjoy your Friday the 13th, Homies.

      Most importantly, GOOD LUCK!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      I have black cats. Personally I dont really consider Friday the 13th to be a bad luck day. If you think you are going to have a day full of bad luck, then you will. Likewise if you think its going to be a good day, then you will.

Susie Alcala

      I flip the 2nd to the right cigarette in a pack as a lucky and always start on the opposite cigarette in the front left.

Jay Matthew Cutlip

      I have 1 four-leaf clover, and 1 five leaf-clover. I have a blessed silver coin, and I believe the number 7 is lucky. But I'm not really superstitious. I make my own luck, I just carry the charms for the added bonus.

Brittney Rose Gohr

      maybe friday the 13th is bad luck for most, but it's always been one of the luckiest for me as a rule. i always seem to find money and just generally feel great that day. i don't believe it's a bad luck day...at least not for me anyways.

C.j. Paukner

      i was born on friday the 13th:D my lucky day, also my name contains 13 letters, so i read that i would be considered to have the devils luck, i just have good luck period, knock on wood!!!

Brittany Dutton-Ellis

      I personally believe its all in the brain when it comes to luck good or bad mostly, even emotions unclude..its hard to explain at some point. but what thoughts you reap into your emotions and feed your brain attracts things such as negative or positive. and when it comes to superstition having a faith on something that ya believe its real and alwayz there might prevent bad lucks and negativity at times. but shiit yea friday the 13th or black cats running across your path, i believe they can be real but mostly as a warning sign to defend the daily events a more likely then other regular days. i cant say more shit. even though theres many more plenty to say, but im sayin wut i feel lool

Chris Carta

      Do Not Sweep My feet!! Seen ppl hurt Real Bad 4 careless broom use. I Won't "cut" a pole. Had Many Black catz. Alwayz wear multiple Crosses. Fri. 13th only Unlucky if ur a Knights Templar... WOOP 2 tha WOOP

Danny Sousa

      Is friday the 13th really an unlucky day, fuck know. It's just a way for people to scare thereselves shitless, saying if you break a mirror or cut a pole or some shit you'll have bad luck. The only lucky thing that I have is my lil boy. He makes shit a lot better than it is and I am LUCKY because I got him. The only thing that's ever brought me bad luck is a white lighter; everytime either myself or one of the homies is carrying one we get into a heap of shit. I've never seen anything so unlucky, me and my los and lettes would be chillin' next thing we know COPS or some punk ass mother fucker tryin to start shit. That's my bad luck charm, a white fucking lighter... I will not carry or even touch one.

Joshua B Riggen

      Every Friday the 13th I make sure I look my best, only talk to those closest to me so no shit gets started. I also wear my lucky bra. This year though, my mom gave me a hatchetman chain for Christmas, I usually take it off when I sleep, but Thursday night when I lie down I aint gonna take it off so I know everything starts off great. As for the black cat thing, those are the only cats I like:) Whoop Whoop! MCL<3

Rebecca Bowen

      I carry around a metal 4leaf clover sometimes when i think im going to need it, And I was recently pregnant for 2 ICP concerts iv gone to, The First was the first time they came back to Gramercy theatre in NYC 4/29/11  i had my clover on me i was 2 months pregnant, It was my little juggalo brothers first ICP show, We got to chill with Dayton family for half hour n they signed Cds an shirts an invited us to the Juggalo cruise however my little brother was 16 at the time, But we went back up to the side of the stage to watch ICP come an towards the end of there set Some dude came up to my brother and he said do u wanna come on stage my brother was like hell yeah, so he grabbed me an we were waiting along the side of the stage to go on and all of a sudden i went blind and my eyes started burning, i clear my sight for a minute an i look up an Violent J is spraying 2 bottles of faygo right in my face!,,, moments later the guy came back an he was like come on when i say go u go! so he was like go go go go, me an my brother ran on stage for the final song 'im commin home' to spray the croud with faygo We were the first ones up there an VJ gave my brother a whole bottle of faygo he still has, and shaggs touched my hip with his hand as he was leavin the stage So i feel like my 1 month old son was Blessed in some type of way,, My second show i went to while i was pregnant i was 8 months, for American Psycho in Worcester Mass, We got to sing Happy Birthday to shaggy! whatt how many people can say they did that! My lucky 4leaf clover workd! I will take it to every show i go to from now on!,, 5 faygo shows down tons more to go! Whoop Whoop NY rep

Juggalette Jenny Louis

      I am not to superstitious but when i am walking down the road with the homies and i see a black cat i wont walk near that shit ill take a new path to my destination.. Plus when i punched that mirror a year ago it gave me bad luck got 6 more years tell its over but ill keep it wicked tell i die whoop whoop

Jake Michener

      I dont believe in superstition much cuz I own a black cat but when it comes to stuff like walking through the woods and doing stupid shit with my homies I'll wear my hatchet charm

Qwil Montgue-martin

Hatchet Herald Page 7 January 13, 2012

Hey Jamie Madrox... are you guys (Twiztid) gonna release another comic anytime soon?

Green Bay, WI

We'll see - if so it will be way better than the last one or we won't do it - ya know?

- Madrox

Hey guys, I think you're doing an AMAZING job with the new psychopathicradio.com and I'm really interested in how the directing and producing of the shows goes. Is the director playing the dvd's and web videos, or is that its own position? I'm curious how many people are in the control room at a time: is it a lot, or just a few? If you have time to answer any of these or anything else interesting I'd love to hear about it. Congratulations on the launch and keep up the good work!

Mitchell King

Hey Mitchell!! Thanks for asking....Well Psychopathic radio has an amazing crew of radio ninjas who keep the show up and running. Our hosts and artists come up with the ideals and the flow of the show and these Ninja's make it happen. WIth all that is going on you would think we have alot of people during the shows controlling the technical aspect , but in fact there is only three. These three homies make it all happen in our control room. We have three different stations that all work together. Our Video master keeps in communication with the hosts while switching cameras and cueing up videos

and graphics....Our Google/Graphic master assists in pulling videos and images on the fly while creating custom graphics for each host and guest in the mean time....Our Master of the Phones, not only answers your calls but is continuasly updating our live posts, our viewing numbers, and monitoring our live chat. Besides the awesome 'los and 'lettes we have working the live shows, we have an amazing team at Psychopathic Records that has our back in making all the magic happen. Its only the beginning, keep tuning in at psychopathicradio.com and see us make this only bigger and better!

- The Psychopathic Radio Station Manager

Hi, I was wondering what skills and/or experience it would take to be able to work at Psychopathic Records. I'm in college right now and I was thinking about what classes I could take that would help give me that opportunity.

Carnival Girl

All the ninjas who work at Psychopathic Records all have different skills. We all wear different hats and are able to step up and school it in many different situations. If your goal is to work at a record label whether it be Psychopathic Records or somewhere else and you're not 100% sure what you want to specialize in I'd suggest taking courses in the public relations and communications fields. Some colleges offer music business and law classes, which are very helpful to take even if it's not going towards your degree. Taking these courses won't necessarily get you a job at a record label right off bat, but it will definitely help you out. Schooling it in the classroom is important, but getting the on the job experience is where you ultimately gain your knowledge. Look into different intern programs while you're in school to gain the proper skill set. Bottom line is to go for whatever it is that interests you, record labels have all types of different departments from sales, video, graphic design, studio engineer, promotions, and the list goes on and on. Just grasp on to whatever it is that interests you and do it big!

- A Schooled Ninja Schoolin’ It

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS January 13, 2012

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