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Hatchet Herald
May 13, 2011





Gathering of
the Juggalos

      The Gathering Ninjas have been diligently putting in time on the biggest event of the year for the Juggalo family and their hard work is absolutely paying off! The line-up and surprises that The 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos has in store for all the lucky ‘Los and ‘Lettes who will be in attendance this year are absolutely off the charts!

      For anyone who thinks they can even begin to guess what Psychopathic Records has planned for Juggalos this August 11th to the 14th at Cave-In-Rock, IL, you’re straight wrong, Homie! Take Violent J’s word for it! In a recent interview with The Village Voice The Duke of the Wicked put it best when he said "We have our favorites that we use every year that the Juggalos love--like the Tech N9nes and the Kottonmouth Kings--but as far as outsiders? We're going for all new this year. All new."

      You read that right, Juggalos! ALL NEW. There are going to be some devastating names that you never would have expected to see at The Gathering of the Juggalos, but when you actually stop to think about it you’ll say “Why the fuck didn’t I think of that first?”

      Now, you know we can’t just start bustin’ out names and events right here. That just doesn’t have that fuckin’ in your face flair that Psychopathic Records and The Gathering of the Juggalos have turned into a mutha fuckin’ ART!

      No, we’re here to tell you that the newest insanely infamous infomercial giving out the down and dirty details of

everything poppin’ off at The 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos is in the works! It wouldn’t be The Gathering season without it!

      The staples of The Gathering infomercials, DJ Clay and Sugar Slam, will be making their highly anticipated return to your screen along with some surprising special guests that will make your jaw hit the tile!

      Filming of The Gathering of the Juggalos infomercial will be taking place next week with a release date of ASAP! Yep, the moment all that flavor is captured, edited, and in the can we’ll be promptly posting it to get the big news of The Gathering of the Juggalos straight to the Juggalos!

      The Gathering infomercials have taken on a life of their own over the years. They have been covered by countless news outlets all over the web and in print as well at parodied on the legendary SNL multiple times! This year will be no different as we plan to deliver the most stunning Gathering line-up in the most outrageous fashion to date!

      The Gathering of the Juggalos 2011 is going to be bigger and more unbelievable than all other years, Ninjas and Ninjettes! This is the 12th annual! We’re not fuckin’ around! We’re taking eleven years of knowledge and an unstoppable drive to put on the best underground music festival that anyone has ever seen!

      No one can top us. No one can even compare when it comes to doing what we do. There is only ONE Gathering of the Juggalos. Accept no substitutions!

      For more info on The Gathering of the Juggalos and tickets, visit juggalogathering.com!

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Hatchet Herald Page 2 May 13, 2011

On 05/18 JCW Presents:
Pony Down Throwdown

      We’re not sure how JCW manages to keep topping itself every other week with their colorful and equally nail biting wrestling shows that have been happenin’ in Michigan, but they fuckin’ do it! And they do it well!

      If you missed out on St. Andrew’s Brawl that went down on May 4th, you missed some amazing surprises that we’re sure no one saw coming! But it’s not something to get all upset about! You can snag the DVD of St. Andrew’s Brawl right on hatchetgear.com and consider it a lesson learned. NEVER MISS A FUCKIN’ JCW SHOW!

      Whether you’re in the house at The Modern Exchange or watching live from your home with a quick and easy purchase on psychopathiclive.com, you’re going to want to witness the mayhem for yourself! There’s no reason to be left out of the loop!

      And your chance to put this plan into action is comin’ your way next week on May 18th! That is when JCW takes their show back to The Modern Exchange in Southgate, MI for JCW Presents: Pony Down Throwdown!

      With so many rivalries coming to a boil at St. Andrew’s on May 4th, we can’t even imagine how much blood and guts are going to hit the mats at the next show! Things got so out of control that even Shaggy 2 Dope had to leave his place at the commentary table to get into the ring and kick some ass! But that’s how it goes with JCW. You can never predict what is going to happen!

      But one thing you might have guessed by the title of the show, for all you wise Ninjas out there, is that there is going to be a very special guest performance in the building that night!

      It will be the one and only DRIVE-BY! Blaze Ya Dead Homie and The Hatchet Warrior ABK will take to the stage to deliver a show that many Juggalos only wished they would be able to see! Now with the power of psychopathiclive.com, the audience will stretch worldwide!!

      And speaking of psychopathiclive.com, we have big news for all of you ‘Los and ‘Lettes who have been down with the internet pay-per-views or are looking to start! As of May 18th there will a new feature added to psychopathiclive.com!

      You asked for it and now it’s happening! THE FULL SCREEN OPTION WILL BE IN FULL EFFECT! That way you’ll be able to peep all the action and the only limit is how big your monitor is!

      It’ll be all that and more during JCW Presents: Pony Down Throwdown happening May 18th at The Modern Exchange in Southgate, MI. If you want to hit up the actual show doors open at 7:00pm and tickets are available on hatchetgear.com, ticketmaster.com, Rock of Ages of Garden City, MI, and The Road Show of Roseville, MI.

      Or catch all the action online, beamed right into your computer through psychopathiclive.com! It’s only $5! Gettin’ live for $5! The stream will begin at 7:30pm EST and the show will start at 8:00pm EST!

      Don’t miss it, Wrestling Ninjas!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 May 13, 2011

DROPS JUNE 21st, 2011

      The Dayton Family has been hard at work in the studio since the moment they’ve been signed to the Psychopathic Records Hatchet House label! Now it’s just a countdown until the fruits of their labor will make it to the ear holes of the Juggalos! Charges of Indictment, the latest album from The Dayton Family, will be dropping worldwide on June 21st, 2011!

      We caught up with Shoestring, Backstabbah, and Bootleg to get the inside scoop on this brand new album and see what the Juggalos can look forward to this summer from the hometown heroes of Flint! CHECK IT OUT!

HH: What can Juggalos expect from Charges of Indictment?

Shoestring: They can expect the atomic bomb to drop on the Juggalo world! They can expect to ride the CD all the way from the front to the end! They can expect the Dayton Family to be cussin’ some bitches out!

Backstabbah: Except some of The Dayton Family’s best work. We’re like wine. We get better with age!

Bootleg: Some hardcore heavy real original Dayton Family shit! They also can expect us to go through the whole spectrum of music. We’re not just in one spot. We’re touching all bases.

HH: Are there any special guests on Charges of Indictment you can tell us about?

Shoestring: A couple of hot cats out of flint, real raw. And hot producers bringin’ hot beats! Fyvebeatz! And another producer called Tom Davis! And the Dayton Family original Steve Titch! Everyone know him like everyone know about Mike E. Clark! And another producer called PeeWee! And another young producer called Lil D. And another cat named Mark Taylor! These are the up and coming producers we’re messing with.

Backstabbah: We got Gucci Mane. We got Twiztid! Of course we got the clowns, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope! Flex from Top Authority! We also got Philly Cocaine!

Bootleg: This time we wanted to come introduce some cats from our hometown that are real hardcore. You’ve got Dinksosa. He’s a homeboy from Flint and he’s been down from back in the day. And I want to let it be known that we had access to do a lot of big names but we wanted to do this album on our own merit without big names outside of the family. We didn’t want to pull on coattails.

HH: What has you most hyped about Charges of Indictment?

Shoestring: I’m just excited about the production, all the beats. One thing about it is that I feel the beat game is important. You have a lot of rappers that are good, but if your beat game isn’t good it don’t matter. I’m so glad to be working with new producers. And I’m excited about keeping the original Dayton Family sound. But I’m really excited about the production!

Backstabbah:Really what has me hypest is I like the direction we went with it. It fits our lifestyle. Me and

bootleg been indicted. It’s truth. We speak about what’s really goin’ on in the world.

Bootleg: This to me was the first album where we actually had a target. You know, we wanted to make solid music because after coming out on the Bang! Pow! Boom! tour and seeing how excited the fans were we were ready to do something hard and amped and they gave us the energy to do that!

HH: Are there any songs Charges of Indictment that really jump out at you as your favorite so far? If so can you drop a little knowledge on us about them?

Shoestring: I like “When The Feds Come Runnin’ In”. It’s just basically telling you when you hear this side of the drug game with the cars and the money and the ladies and the good time of everything. But it’s also to young peope telling you the consequences about the life. It’s all good, but when the boys come for you they show it’s all good to keep your mouth shut. There’s a downside to the game. We don’t fear nothing but the feds. Niggas can say what they want, but you keep your mouth shut when the feds come in.

Backstabbah: Of course I would say “Y’all Niggas Don’t Want To Fuck With Us". There’s so much hate and everyone wants to hate when you’re doing your thing. We’re pioneers in this game and we want people to know that they can’t hate on us or fuck with us. And we also got a song called "I Don’t Want To Live My Life Like This No More". That sticks out to me because it’s about the struggle. We’re in our late thirties and our lives have been struggles. Even when stuff was good there was always something getting in the way. Jail an' turning to the street. We’re living our live struggling and hustling. We want to take care of our business.

Bootleg: There’s so many good bangers it would be hard to pick one as a favorite. Your favorite will be based on your mood. We take you through the whole spectrum. If you’re mad at your chick then “No Sunshine” might be your favorite. If you’re angry at the wold, “Wartime" might be your favorite. If you just caught a case, "Stop Snitchin'" might be your favorite.

HH: Any other tidbits you can drop?

Shoestring: I just think that Charges of Indictment is a bomb album and I think it’s the original Dayton family feel. We always have law problems and we always have had issues with the law and the police are always messing with us through our whole career. I think it’s a bomb album and I think people will like it, man. I think it’s the shit!

Backstabbah: I would say to the fans we put a lot of hard work into that album. Our first album officially for the 'Los and 'Lettes. I think it’s a masterpiece and I think they’re all gonna like it! To my Juggalos, keep it gangster! And to my Juggalettes, keep it sexy!

Bootleg: All I can say is be prepared for a ride from beginning to end. Just know that it’s not going to be predictable. You won’t be able to put it in and predict the ride. It’s like a rollercoaster being revealed for the first time.

Hatchet Herald Page 4 May 13, 2011

Vanilla Ice:
A Hatchet
Homie For Life

      Aside from the stellar line-up of Psychopathic Records and Hatchet House, there are some absolutely phenomenal artists old and new who have had The Hatchet’s back throughout the years and into the future.

      One of those homies who is an amazing rapper, a legend in the game, and down with The Hatchet for life is none other than Vanilla Ice! He has countless endeavors in the works, including his show on the DIY Network

called The Vanilla Ice Project as well as a new album, WTF, that will be dropping soon, but Vanilla Ice is never too busy to rep The Hatchet and proudly display his Lo Love! We always have tons of Juggalos sending in tips about Vanilla Ice being spotted in a Psychopathic shirt or rockin’ a Hatchetman charm and it warms our wicked hearts, straight the fuck up.

      Now, we mentioned that Vanilla Ice has a record, titled WTF – Wisdom, Tenacity, & Focus, set to drop soon and Juggalos will without a doubt want to pick that shit up! Not just because it’s laced with the off the hook flavor of Vanilla Ice, but also because the wicked clowns make an appearance on one of the tracks!

      And while we’re not at liberty to drop whether or not Vanilla Ice will be playing at The 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos, we will toss out this little tidbit. Vanilla Ice has been present and performing at The Gathering of the Juggalos many times since its very inception!

      So, we here at The Hatchet Herald might not be able to

guarantee anything, but we can still hope that Vanilla Ice's devastating catalog will be added into our soundtrack for this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos.

      There is much more in the works when it comes to Vanilla Ice and Psychopathic Records, but as of right now it is all being kept strictly under lock and key. Let the speculation begin!

      Though, we recommend keeping an eye out for those happenings, because they might be closer than you think!

     The important thing to remember is that when you’ve got legends like Vanilla Ice and the Insane Clown Posse pulling their power together? Nothing and no one can stop them!

Hatchet Herald Page 5 May 13, 2011


      How long does ICP plan on rapping until retirement? And when retirement comes, what's in store for Psychopathic?


      We plan on rapping until either our hearing or our throat goes out. Truthfully, we plan on never stopping. Even when we’re old, grey, and embarrassing, and all of our Faygo is flat, and our knees ache too much to jump anymore. We’re still going to be rapping and touring. That’s no lie! Luckily, thanks to the facepaint, at least our faces will always look the same.

- Violent J

      whooop whooop but my fuckin question is i know yall r gettn older n shit but if you could fuck anyone up right now who would it be?


      It’s hard to say - 1st off I don't feel old so thanx for pointing out you think that we are (lol) as far as fucking some1 up... Not really sure that there is any 1 special person - but hate groups like racists and gay bashers are hella wack for thinking they are better than every1 - so yeah that's my answer .

- Madrox

      J and Shaggy. How many designs of face paint did you go through before coming to the design you currently use? Was it inspired by anything or was it just made up as the years went on in your career? Peace and MCL!


      It developed over a short period of time in the beginning. It just got tighter and cleaner. The more we donned it the better we got at putting it on. To this day, every once in a while we like to change it up and school people. Such as changing the colors. During the wraith Shangri-la era we changed the colors up to match whatever we were wearing at the time. Or changing the outline and wearing each other’s paint.

- Shaggy 2 Dope

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS May 13, 2011

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