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Hatchet Herald
October 8, 2010

Pre-order ABK'S

SHIT On The Road

From Psychopathic

What's In ABK's
Medicine Bag?

      Anybody Killa is back with a dope ass album called Medicine Bag. The inside word is that this album is ABK’s best album to date, which fuckin’ says a lot! One listen and you will quickly realize this album truly is incredible in every way. It’s refreshing in every sense of the word. Nothing else on the label, or in the game period, sounds quite like Killa!

      He does sporadic shows here and there, he tours all year long, but for the recording of this album he came home and truly concentrated on delivering a fuckin’ banger all the way through. For the recording of the masterpiece, ABK buckled down with the Psychopathic Records producer Brian Kuma and together the two of them churned out the entire album in about seven months. In the beginning studio sessions, Killa and Kuma set forth a game plan and for most of the next year they executed it with precision. No interruptions, no staleness.

      The Goal was to create an album that consistently flowed together, showcasing the many styles of Killa’s rap abilities. There are high energy songs, slow personal tracks, mad inspirational shit that is hella hype, and songs that make you wanna get up and never give up. All of this blends together perfectly on Medicine Bag and it’s cleverly accented with songs of his native culture.

      Killa is always deeply in touch with his native roots and this album showcases the sounds and feeling reminiscent of his people. There are natural drum beats, wood flutes, and whispering spirits displayed throughout the album. This record is hard, loud, and strong as hell, too. It’s a great way to release steam. It’s some high class wicked shit from one of the best, hands down. That’s the best way to describe it.

      The album comes in three devastating versions with three different color covers: red, blue, and green. Each version has two exclusive bonus tracks which is downright dope for collectors. October 19th is the release date! It will be dropping in stores nationwide and on hatchetgear.com. You’ll even be able to get it on iTunes, but there ain’t nothin’ like coppin’ that bad boy in real life. Especially since the three different booklets of the album put together create an exclusive ABK poster!

      Also on October 19th at 4:00pm ABK will be taking part in a meet and greet at Rock of Ages in Garden City, MI where fans can come out, cop the album, and chat it up face to face with the hatchet warrior himself!

      So, if you really wanna hear something good and well produced and seduced with that Native Funk, take a hit of what’s in Anybody Killa’s Medicine and get your head right. It’s available now on hatchetgear.com for pre-order!

Native Funk In
The Near Future
Something topical and fresh Good chance
of Many Juggalos
Partaking In The
Medicine Bag!
Volume 13
Issue 13
Flavor...Scroll Down
Even More Flavor...
Keep Scrolling Down

Hatchet Herald Page 2 October 8, 2010

ICP Take It Back To The
90's For The Old Shit Tour

      If there’s one thing you can rightfully say about the Insane Clown Posse, it’s that they always bring a brand new show every time they come to town. They always have a new stage set design and they always debut at least two or four songs they they’ve never performed live before on every tour.

      But this tour takes the calendar way back to the days of old. On this extra special, once in a lifetime tour, except to hear only ICP’s old school classics. They have stated that they will not be performing any music recorded within the last decade. They will however be performing all that classic wicked clown shit from the 90’s, including greats that you haven’t heard them do live for years.

      They will be featuring jams from the first five Joker’s Cards, as well as stuff from the many EP’s and other collectibles that J and Shaggy dropped during the nine-0’s. Even if you’re not that familiar with ICP’s older stuff, this will still be a great experience to witness.

      Whenever possible, ICP will see to it that there is no barricade so ninjas can freely stage drive and get live the way they did in the old days before the clowns and Juggalos gained a reputation for being extra wild and venues took extra precautions.

      On this tour, the goal is to make it look, feel, and sound like the shows did back in the day. Even the merch stand will feature retro designs from the 90’s. Shirts and jerseys that haven’t been around for years will be reproduced and made available on this tour only!

      This truly is going to be a cool ass, special tour. But good times like this are hard to come by, that’s why there’s only fourteen dates.

      Some of these venues unfortunately demand a barricade or no show will be permitted at all. Even so, the utter madness of an old school clown show will take place regardless. Be prepared to get wet and get hype ‘cause it’s going down in a big way starting October eleventh in Minneapolis and ending in Pittsburgh on October twenty-sixth! Also joining ICP on The Old Shit Tour are Psychopathic Record’s The Axe Murder Boyz!

      And then for the last four shows of the tour, the stage set and set list completely changes over to Hallowicked mode. ICP Brings out their full arsenal of tunes for these four huge, spectacular, annual events ending in Detroit on Halloween night! You know how ICP does it this time of year. They take absolutely no prisoners and Halloween is definitely the Juggalos time to shine.

      Joining the tour for these massive Hallowicked dates along with AMB is the new Psychopathic family members The Dayton Family, Boondox the scarecrow, the ultra dope Anybody Killa, and between sets the action continues non-stop with the Mad Scientist Mike E. Clark doing the damn thing. Wow, could it possibly be any fatter!? We seriously doubt it!

      Also, on Halloween night, after Hallowicked at the Fillmore in Detroit, just down the street at the Majestic Theater will be ICP’s official after-party. Blaze Ya Dead Homie will be live in concert! And you already know a Hallowicked After-party wouldn’t be complete without some hard hittin’ JCW action as well as the new JCW tag champs, The Kings of Wrestling!

      Wow, straight devastation and more coming to you from the Insane Clown Posse!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 October 8, 2010


      There is so much happening around the offices of Psychopathic Records right now and we're here to fill you in! So, without delay, let's get into some RANDOM NOTES!

Boondox On Tour
      It was announced earlier that Boondox was going to be one of the acts on ICP’s Old Shit Tour but unfortunately that won’t be happening. A Boondox family member is not doing so well, and he has to stay home and be with that person. We send our prayers and clown love out to that person.

      The good news is that ninjas and ninjettes can still peep The Scarecrow live when he heads out on tour with Sub Noize super group Hed PE a month later in November. This pairing sounds too good to be true: Hed PE and Boondox sharing the same stage in the same night!

      What can we say? This tour promises to be the fuckin bomb diggity as is anything involving Hed PE. And together paired with Boondox expect a damn fuckin’ good ass time! Keep your eyes on boondoxthescarecrow.com for more details on that!

The Dayton Family Is Our Family
      The Dayton Family were so inspired by the good time they had at this year’s Gathering that they came home and immediately wrote a song about it. ICP jumped on the track with them and it will be featured on their new album Charges of Indictment. The song has the fuckin’ funkiest 70’s style funk loop you’ve ever heard in your life. One listen and Mike E. Clark went crazy for the song. He called J and Shaggy and damn near demanded they jump on the track. Nobody out there does it with as much energy and passion as Bootleg and Shoestring.

      TDF has said that the new deal with Psychopathic and the acceptance and love they have received from Juggalos around the world so far has fully boosted their karma tanks like never before. They are totally charged and amped up about the new album, the family, and hittin’ the stage under the Hatchet banner.

      They have been just about living in the studio together and they feel like this is their debut album all over again. They also have a new track with rap superstar Gucci Mane called “Poppin Pills”. Right now they are trying to decide if that’s the song they will be posting for free download on their new website or if they’re going to use a banger called “Psycho”.

      Find out which they decide on Devils Night, October 30th, when thedaytonfamily.net opens its gates. And yo, check out The Dayton Family from Dope Dayton Ave in Flint on W Fuckoff radio with their brand new show called F.uck B.eing I.ndicted. The show debuts on October 12th on wfuckoffradio.com!

Rock and Shock Madness
      Massachusetts Juggalos are the CRAZIEST! Rock and Shock is happing hard and heavy October 17th in Worchester, MA. Expect to feel the floor shake on the entire upper half of the East coast.

      This show is fuckin’ incredible! Every year they feature a Psychopathic artist on the final night of the three day festival. ICP and Twiztid have headlined many times in the past and each and every time was crazy dope and historical. This year is extra fuckin fat as they feature Twiztid and Anybody Killa. Straight up silly sickness. That shit right there is gonna set the roof on fire of The Palladium!

      In addition to ABK and Twiztid performing on Sunday, October 17th, you can also look forward to an autograph signing earlier in the day at 2:30pm! This is the chance to meet your homies face to face!

New Videos In The HAUUUGH!
      Blaze Ya Dead Homie is shooting a video this upcoming week for the song “Dead Man Walking”. The video is being directed and produced by Brian Kuma, Ryan Archibald, and Robert Gammons. They together are Psychopathic’s super talented video department.

      Their shit keeps getting better and better. Just check out the quality of Boondox’s video for “We All Fall”. You Tube that bitch up. Check out Twiztid’s awesome ass terrifying video for “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA”. All that shit. The quality’s only going up.

      Also shooting a video in October is Anybody Killa. His video is for his brand new anthem off the new Medicine Bag album called “Last Chance”. And lastly the video already in production as your corneas peep this, is your boys ICP! They’re in the process of making a unique video for the song “Fonz Pond”.

      October is a busy month for the video department ninjas, but you can damn sure expect to see all three of these dope ass brand new videos in November! Know that!

      To make it even easier for you to find the Psychopathic YouTube videos they have also given their channel a new URL. Update your bookmarks, Juggalos! Just head to hatchetmantv.com and that will take you directly to the Psychopathic Records YouTube Channel where you can see music videos, spots, and more!

ICP and JCW Notes
      ICP’s Bang Pow Boom album has surpassed The Tempest in sales by almost 50,000 copies!

      December 23rd is the date. The place? St Andrew’s Hall. The event? Something special, something different, and something refreshing featuring ICP live. Because Psychopathic keeps its way to fresh to ever be stale. More news on this event soon!

      Long time Juggalo and JCW superstar Sabu wore his fresh Hatchet Man pants while wrestling in the main event on TNA IMPACT on Spike TV the other day. It was nothing but fresh.

      ICP and manager Billy Bill are currently putting together plans and routing for ICP’s return to Europe. They will also be going back to Australia for four big shows hopefully in March of next year if everything plays out well with the Faygo issues.

      VH1 Program directors met with ICP in Manhattan about 5 weeks ago to discuss their interest in possibly doing a reality show on ICP featuring them at home and work, Hogan Knows Best style. After the meeting VH1 never called Psychopathic back. What went on in that room? Maybe J and Shaggy weren’t what they expected? Too bad. ICP would have kicked anus with a reality show.

      Nothing is more awesome that the famous tradition of waving Hatchet Man signs on wrestling broadcast. Some of the best most incredible shots have been captured over the years. Even at Wrestlemanias. I wish there was a way of seeing a highlight reel of all the fresh Hatchet signs seen over the years on TV. Nothing is doper than that.

      ICP’s Miracles is now deep into 4 Million views on You Tube. Craziness!

      There are some big JCW matches taking place October 30th in Noblesville, Indiana and the 31st in Detroit. In Noblesville JCW Champ Corporal Robinson faces Southern Tracy Smothers. The Weedman challenges Bull Pain. The current JCW Tag champs The Kings of Wrestling take on Juggalo heroes the Ring Rydas.

      And in Detroit at the Hallowicked After Party the main event sees 2 Tuff Tony and Corp Robinson team up in Tag Team action. And check this out, Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo take on The Weed Man and Sabu! It’s truly going to be fresh.

      Expect a new awesome 3 CD collection from ICP to be dropping early next year. A collection of what you ask? We can’t say anything more about it at this time. Damn!

      And that’s all we’ve got for you, Juggalos! Keep your eyes peeled for more news flavor dropping in the next Hatchet Herlad!

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS October 8, 2010

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